Just a Little Bit of Your Soul – pt 1 – Episode One pt 4 –

Just a Little Bit of Your Soul

Just a little bit of your soul

Welcome to where …


After killing the Wizard Acererak, of the Scarlet Robes – What makes the Scarlet Brotherhood of the Robes so ominous is not that they field the greatest armys or have the most powerful mages, but rather that they seem to know everything about the rest of Oerth and Oerth knows nothing of them. The brave band of heroes kill one with the help of an Angelic Sword on a quest. You celebrate your victory but seconds later another being of stronger magic swirls in on a cloud of black smoke…


Our heroes… Toni Rakestraw plays Wasabi: the Water Genasi, Druid 3rd level; Midori is Na: Kenku (Black Bird, of Circle of Spores), Druid 3rd level; Ostara Rakestraw is Silque (Silk): Tiefling, Artificer (Alchemist) 3rd level; Morwenna Rakestraw is Ella: Tiefling, Monk (Ways of the Four Elements), 3rd level; Ellis plays Gori: Battlerager Mountain Dwarf 3rd level; Ian is Vivian: Human, Blood Hunter (Order of the Profane Soul) 3rd level; Niamh plays Anala, Ranger (Hunter Conclave) 3rd level & John Rakestraw plays the Dungeon Master, This is our cast for this season.

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Santa and Dungeon Master for hire – https://www.gigsalad.com/father_yule_john_rakestraw_springfield

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