What a Kick in the Head – Monday Mystery Event Madness

What a Kick in the Head

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Monday Mystery Event Madness

Father Yule Master Detective opened up his case files and reads a mystery to us… one that we can try and solve. All you have to do is follow along with all the clues, red harrings, suspects and motives to figure out the mystery.

What a Kick in the Head
by John Rakestraw

Master Detective Father Yule enters the morgue and finds the body of the notorious kick boxer, Eddie ‘Flying Legs’ Victor, lying on one of the slabs. He had been shot in his left ear. The bullet must have lodged somewhere in his mashed potato brain, as there was no exit wound to be seen.

“Why do we have Flying Legs here? Shouldn’t he be going to the funeral home to be beautified for burial?” Inspector Father Yule asked.

The coroner, Peggy Calvin, turned around from the microscope, where she was examining the bullet that brought a fast end to Flying Legs’ career in kick boxing.
“Hello P.I. Father Yule, We’re not so sure if it was self-defense or a contracted knock out. They have Kirk ‘The Manic’ Stuartson upstairs in an interrogation room waiting to find out if the bullet matches his gun. He lawyered up fast. His lawyer wants confirmation of the gun and bullet before they talk to any of us,” said Peggy.

“So, what’s the verdict?” asked Father Yule.

“It’s from “ The Manic’s” gun. Now you’ve just got to figure out if it was self-defense or murder,” said Peggy, peering over her glasses. The coroner hands over the official paperwork to Master Detective Father Yule.

I will from time to time step in as a consultant for the local police. They use me when they’re low on cops. Tonight, there’s a big so and so in town and all the cops are on duty working that detail and the coroner knows me as a good judge of character and a quick study of facts.

“It’s time for me to earn my pay to night. I’m off to give them the news and see just how that suit of a lawyer up there wants to run with this fiction… or it could be non-fiction,” I said as I grabs the paperwork and heads out the door.

I walk into the interrogation room and threw the report on the table in front of the suit and ‘The Manic.’ “The bullet matched the gun that’s owned by you, Kirk. It’s also known that you two hate each other and frequently get into fights and shouting matches in that same bar that Eddie Victor met his untimely end. Have you two worked out what you’re willing to say and what you’re willing to cop to, Kirk?” I asked.

“I was sitting alone at the bar when that lunatic, Eddie Victor, came in and started yelling and calling me names. Eddie was freaking crazy and out of his drug-crazed mind. He pulled out a knife and had a gun sticking out of the front of his pants and he started coming at me full speed. I did him a favor and put him out of all of our misery. I shot him in self-defense. He was charging head long at me swinging a knife and had one hand on that gun in the front of his pants. I shot all right. I did the city and the people living here a huge favor. When the police showed their ugly mugs, Eddie’s hand still had the knife clutched in it. He wouldn’t stop… there was no reasoning with him. I had to shoot, it was the only decent thing to do with a rabid creature like Eddie Victor.”

“You shot him as he came head long straight at you…is that correct?” Father Yule asked.

“Yeah… did I stutter… I told you in plain English… he can at me, head long straight for me!” Said Kirk.

“You two have sat here all this time and that was the best lie you could come up with?” I said. “You actually have a real law degree, suit? This is the story you both thought was the best? Well, you guys will have a lot of time in the jail together thinking of something better than that story you just pawned off on me. You were doing us all a favor? The best favor you two did was coming up with that stupid story. You’re both under arrest. One for murder and the other for obstructing justice. Let’s clean up this trash and book ’em,” said Master Detective Father Yule .

How did Father Yule figure out that Kirk ‘The Manic’ Stuartson was lying?

What a Kick in the Head

When serving up a Mystery… or trying to solve one, these are the steps I go through…

1) Alway look for every suspects motive.
2) Red herrings are a part of the game and the fun… plus there just might be a real clue inside those red herrings.
3) Have a pencil and paper handy… you want to keep all the storylines clear.
4) Remember means, opportunity and history to help you identify the killer(s)
5) You most likely will get a smoking gun clue somewhere around 75% to 80% through the Mystery… most people miss this clue the first time it appears. Keep your ears and eyes ready for the smoking gun clue!!!
6) Have a brilliant time… have fun.

I think I got it solved… how about YOU!

What a Kick in the Head

The answer can seem simple…

Father Yule knew the men were lying because the bullet entered Eddie ‘Flying Legs’ Victor’s left ear. That couldn’t have happened if Eddie had been charging Kirk ‘The Manic’ Stuartson head-on. Murder is a foul thing.

This is a work of fiction. All events, the character’s and actions depicted in this work are from my imagination. None of this mystery is based on true facts. Any similarity to any persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

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