Have a Killer Valentine’s Day

A killer Valentine’s Day with chocolate!

A Killer Valentine's Day

Murder Mystery Event for Valentine’s Day… A heart is fragile and unforgiving!

Love Writes a Deadly Verse

Mysteries of love and and the heart… have a murderous party for Valentine’s Day this year.

Click on the link below and get that killer mystery to play.


Roses are red and murder is red… dastardly deeds are red. Pretty in pink makes Valentine’s day all the better.

Love is in the air at the Valentine’s Day meeting of the Poets Turntable as the group of amateur and professional writers focuses on amore, liebe – yes, LOVE! Romance abounds when each member rises, in turn, to thrill the audience with similes, metaphors, and word pictures that make even the coldest hearts beat faster.

Who could keep a dry eye as words of passion flow from the lips of the talented troupe of winsome wordsmiths? Surely, the night would be one when emotions take the front row front row and thoughts of ill will are left dangling in the wind. After all, the spoken word is the expression of deep-seated feelings.

But, in the middle of this memorable assemblage, one of the poets staggers to the stage and, after uttering a few cryptic words, is overtaken by death. Someone has done in a fellow Turntable member in the midst of one of the year’s most sentimental events.

Who would spoil this spectacular with such a dastardly deed? And, was this an act that had been planned, or simply a crime of passion at a moment when true feelings were allowed to flow?

But in a very real sense, it’s time for poetic justice as everyone gathers to investigate the death and to find the clandestine culprit who turned Valentine’s Day into a bad rhyme.

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