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My wedding June 1985

I really feel that relationships would work out better for people if they would continue to work as hard to keep the whole thing working as they did to win the heart of that person in the first place. You have to work at love, you have to be there in the moments and help the relationship to grow. Be kind, loving and a good kisser.

The wonderful words and thoughts about love, relationships, family, friends and keeping the right people in your heart… by John Rakestraw.

I can truly say, “the most enticing words I have ever spoken or written to my dearest love… they have not yet awaken in my thoughts. I sit here in anticipation of their brilliant arrival.”

“You kiss all my sadness away.”

“I wake up every day wanting to kiss her…”

“The brilliant time I’ve spent with you… I look upon it all as a spring garden, a brighter twilight then anyone has seen, and a chorus of beautiful singing birds. You and you alone have always made me feel that I am alive. Other men say they have seen angels, but I have lived and slept beside you… that is the greatest gift of all. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“We need to celebrate all women and men in the many different shapes, sizes, color, race and the 1001 things that makes us all who we are in this beautiful and brilliant world.”

“Family, friends, your neighbor, your pets, online friends, co-workers…these are all parts of our family base. There’s no greater investment in life than in being a family builder. Relationships are more important than any one of our accomplishments.”

“You know when it’s true love? Your willing to do boring things together… and love it.”

“Gifts come in many ways…

“I have eight wonderful gifts from my fantastic wife, our children. My creativity, love, hugs, chocolate and everyday I wake and bask in the warm glow of my family.”

“And in her smiling eyes I see more wonder and beauty than all the stars in the night sky. My true soulmate.”

“My wonderful wife, Toni Rakestraw, is the true magnet in my life… she attract all the positives we have and repels any of the negatives aspects. I empower her to buy chocolate, that’s my super power.”

“The magic to a long marriage… pure harmony. Singing together through the many discords that will play through your relationship. Always give each other the support to reach those hard notes and don’t be afraid to sing in unison. I have the fantastic luck and pleasure to find my perfect singing partner. Toni Rakestraw has always helped me find the right notes to sing!”

“Once in a beautiful way, in an ordinary, everyday way, we are given the gift of a life long fairy tale.”

“Relationships between men and women. Guys listen up here… Women out there don’t like to be told they have a great rack, that you love their boobs and having cat calls shouted their way in any way, shape or form! Don’t get me wrong… they love to be told how much YOU love the way they look. I, for one, love the many wonderful forms in which the female body is displayed for our pleasure. You just have to know the right way to talk to them, and I’m not talking about their boobs here! The way to make a lady feel special is… to tell her how much you like her smile and how you get lost in her beautiful eyes. Only say these wonderful things if you really mean them and NEVER say them while you are still looking at her chest! To make this really special for her… you need to start looking up past her collarbone, up towards the chin, we are getting closer… look her straight in the face and really notice her wonderful smile and those beautiful eyes. Get lost in those fantastic eyes for a moment… and then slowly step back away from her, soaking in all her beauty and then quickly steal a look at her boobs… hey, we’re still guys… right?”

“33 years ago today my beautiful and wonderful wife, Toni Rakestraw and I went on our first date… since then she has become my best friend, partner in crime, shown me how timeless and endless love truly can be. I have the greatest life because of having this magical lady in my life. My wish to the rest of the world is that you find that special person in your life… make your love last forever and a day!”

“Becoming a dad was so magical and mystical… I feel that one of the greatest wonders is creating a life. That is the true gift of Father’s Day.”

“Courage is not a life without fear… it’s the great love of knowing fear and embracing it for its knowledge.”

“Beautiful day, wonderful family and the weekend! Life can’t get any better then this!”

“I know what love at first sight is, I have it everyday I wake up next to my wonderful girlfriend, she is also called my beautiful wife!”

“I have found that the happiest people in the world don’t always have the best of everything… but, they make the best of everything they have.”

“It’s not the years that make a marriage… it’s the love, the courage and the fun you bring to the relationship!”

“My wife’s wonderful eyes smile so brightly each time I walk by her, her real smile could power my heart forever and a day. She makes me believe in myself and in love at first sight each and every day that I wake up next to her. Thank you Toni Rakestraw, for being my wife, girlfriend and for being the power source that keeps me going.”

“Really, it’s just been an amazing time together. She makes my life full of wonder, beauty, love, understanding and the most important part, she’s the best friend I have ever had. That fantastic lady I call my girlfriend.”

“My days are fill with wonderful love and caring from all over the internet, family and friends. Thank you to all of you who have taken the time out of your busy lives to share with me.”

“Time heals, time only move forward one second at a time… take those seconds and live each of them for all the people you have lost. That is the best way to heal your soul and honor them.”

“Have you ever woke up in the morning and wondered how do I deserve all of this? That is how my day starts everyday! It’s a great feeling. My wish to you all out there is to have this feeling and to live in that glow.”

“I married the most wonderful person, my soulmate! Lately people throw around the the word, soulmate, to easily. I’ll tell you what… I wake everyday and fall in love with her deeper each hour that we are together! There is no better place to be.”


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