Marriage Broom Rite

The Marriage broom itself has magykal power and it does not require consecration. The magyckal wonder is within the broom and us.

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Performing of the Handfasting Rites is a fantastic joining of two loving souls. Add to that the jumping over the Marriage Broom and the whole ceremony comes to life.

Marriage Broom

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I love to send the loving engaged couples out to find a broom together. This is the symbol of hearth and home that they are making. Once they have found the perfect broom… I always wonder if the broom actually chooses them. I like to see the broom present during any of our planning sessions, counselling sessions or anytime the couple comes together about the marriage. The broom’s magic should fill them both with joy and thankfulness.

The night before the wedding, usually after the rehearsal and Grooms dinner, the couple will dress up the broom by weaving strand of colored ribbon around the handle. They might even add flowers or herbs and any other symbols of their relationship together. I even encourage that they add symbols of what their marriage will be. This will represents the inter-twining of their lives, their souls and that they themselves are no longer just individuals, they are not me… but we.

The broom is brought to the placed where their joining will happen. It can either stands by the altar or is placed lying under the altar during the ceremony as the vows are said, the the brilliant promises made, and the tying of the knot. They are then pronounced husband and wife and the Marriage Broom is then put before them as the final test of love. The couple either steps, or in the old tradition, jumps over the broom. This is the final end of the ceremony. Then it is recommended that the couple takes the broom home and makes love with the broom under the bed. This seals the marriage and their love.

Your broom can be your best friend and your magickal ally. Treat your broom with honor, reverence and respect and you will have a life-long companion and ritual tool.

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