The Misadventure of the Murdered War Ships!


The Misadventure of the Murdered War Ships!

MYSTERY EVENT – you can still watch the full…the whole LIVE Facebook video and even try and solve the mystery.


This is a cold case MYSTERY from the 1940s… during WWII. I was able to get the info through the Freedom of Information Act about an issue that happen to a good friend of my family… he and his father. They were called to Washington D.C. to the private office of an high official. The now famous detective and his father… Ellery Queen and Inspector Queen, were ushered into the official’s office. Both men were puzzled, anxious, and apprehensive to say the least. They had been summoned to Washington to explain a very important case – the most important case either of them will ever work on or investigate in their lives. It would be told to them that on a certain date – recently (to that time in 1940s) between Christmas and New Years, the year has been not give due to security reason – certain armed vessels of the United States were waylaid by a swarm of enemy submarines on the high seas. At exactly 5 PM torpedoes crashed into these ships, and sank many of them immediately.


The loss of American lives was considerable. These ship were involved in an extremely important operation. Their loss through this surprise submarine attack not only caused the deaths of a large number of American fighting men, but war plans closely integrated with the over-all Allied strategy was stopped died in its tracks before it even got started. The security itself was even stricter than usual. Only six people knew of it – and their integrity at the time can’t be questioned. Yet, the nest of enemy subs was lying in wait. As luck would have it, in a naval action which followed the attack. One of the enemy subs was captured by our forces. The enemy commanders has been thoroughly interrogated, their effects examined. There’s no doubt that those subs had positive information. In their effects was found a scrap of paper… on that paper was found the following “Ellery Q.” See if you can figure out the mystery before the final solution round.

Murder is most foul!

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