Murder, Mystery, Mayhem, & FUN!!

Murder, Mystery, Mayhem, & FUN!! The Mayhem most times is we have no idea how to host a Mystery at all… we’re told once we have all the guests there and that when they’re all settled to suddenly turn off the lights to startled them with the sound of a gunshot, or a glass breaking, or someone choking and when the lights returns, and you see a dead person on the floor or in a chair or couch next to you! As you look around the room, and you all become suspects… you notice the rest of the group looks like a shady bunch of characters. One of them must be the murderer, well for that matter you very well could be the murder. Which one of you is it?

This may sound like a movie, and it’s very much like an old detective film… one of those Sam Spade novels. You are, in fact, participating in an exciting mystery event game. The only thing is with a movie there’s a director, someone to help make the story move along. When you buy a Mystery in a box, you’re on your own. You get your friends and family together, they might dress up and get their little info packs… either in the mail, or by email, so they look at the the character info a little. You’re busy too. So the day of the Mystery Party is the only chance that you finally get a quick look at the info yourself. You all step into the Mystery, sort of mystified. Maybe as the host you have an idea of how the whole mystery should go but the suspects and and the other guest are at a lost. Plus, what do you do with the good friend who is willing to play the dead body… do they just lay there for the next few hours?

Hosting a murder mystery event shouldn’t be part of the “mystery”… That’s why you need to hire Father Yule Master Detective John Rakestraw to help you with your Murder Mystery Events. Together we can answers all the right murderous questions and make your event brilliant!

Murder Mystery Parties are becoming a very popular entertainment choice for Party Hosts looking for a unique experience to offer their guests. Party planners want their event to be talked about in excited conversations for weeks afterwards. Your run of the mill food, music and social gathering, just doesn’t garner real excitement.

Murder, Mystery, Mayhem, & FUN!!

Today a new genre of Murder Mystery Games is emerging. These are called Interactive murder mystery games. The way the murder mystery events works is there are murder suspects (you host pick 4 to 8 people from your group who you believe would be great at roleplaying/acting the part of a possible Suspect.) The rest of the guest will be detectives (they can even come dressed as their favorite fictional detective.) We handout 30 clues in envelopes that everyones reads aloud, and talk about among themselves. I play the main detective, Master Detective, which helps keep the mystery party running smoothly and on point. There is no body, we only hear about the crime. Everyone plays the games. No one knows who the killer is, or who the crimimal is, until the end of the game.

There are many different themes.. old west, Christmas, pirates, luau, crime bosses, a winery mystery or a theme you want.

I love a mystery… I love it when you can interact with the suspects and ask questions and even see the evidence table. When I was a kid there was a great TV show called Ellery Queen… right near the end of the show Ellery would ask you, the TV audience, if you knew whodunit. He’d go over the evidence and the suspects and say, “I think I know who it is, how about you?”

After the info about murder, or crime, is read aloud and we all learn through details from the suspect and those 30 clues, plus other evidence, eavesdropping, and questioning the suspects. All of this leads to extensive social interaction, which is the real point of a party, isn’t it?

The reason I help to host the Mystery is there nothing I hate most then hearing how horrifying a poor host/ess feels standing there not knowing what to do next. This just doesn’t happen with a well-written interactive murder mystery party with Master Detective John Rakestraw there to help keep your guest and your mystery on task with the 30 clues.

Each murder mystery game usually takes place in a fun locations and timeline. These can include gangsters in Chicago during the roaring twenties, or the old west, Christmas, pirates, a luau, a winery mystery or a theme you want. I write the theme to suit your event and hopefully these allow participants to get caught up in being in costumes and immerse themselves in the setting. This allows your guests to more fully experience the ambience of the myster event.

When you decide to host a murder mystery party, there are some things you should look for in the game you choose:

First and foremost is to stay away from scripted games. These allow no imagination or spontaneity, and they play more like a board game. For true enjoyment, your guests need to feel immersed in the world your chosen game has created.

Look for a theme that you think your guests would enjoy. My best-seller is “There’s Murder In them Thar Golden Eyes,” You’ve heard of the Old Dutchman Mine. The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine (also known by similar names) is, according to legend, a rich gold mine hidden in the southwestern United States. In 1901, the residents of the small town of Last Resort near nowhere any sane person would live, have assembled to honor prospector and gold mine owner Dutch.​ Good old … or I should say, ornery as a mule, Dutch. He had arrived in town ten years before, flat broke with only himself and his Mule “Golden Eyes” and they relying upon the generosity of local residents to help them get by. Then as luck would have it he hit a rich gold vain a d became tbe riches man in them there parts. He was never one to be your best friend… the town had put together a little gatbering to show their thanks to Dutch… why would they get together to honor such an ornery cus? He paid for the party! Well Murder was served on the party list! It is murderous fun game to play

Remember… the best way to play these mystery is to hire me as your Master Detective John Rakestraw to run the Mystery Event!

I have found it best to stop every once and awhile and take a poll as to who the group thinks is the most likely killer or the biggest criminal among the suspects… it’s fun and you get to play with the suspect that way too.

Here’s another fun tip, isn’t a requirement, but I have found it adds a fun element to a murder mystery party. It’s a great way to add to the fun at the end the night of killer fun and a d endless gaming, You can cruise the dollar stores and find some fun things to give as gifts about $30 of unique prizes. I’ve seen at parties things like butterfly houses, wind chimes, scented candles, unique picture frames and other items. What is neat to see is how the guest love these sweet small remembrance, and how they leave with with a smile on his or her face, you can give them away for… the best clue, best hat, greatest laugh, that aa ah moment, totally off the mark, I could have been the killer, I was right!, I was wrong!, I should have been the killer… and so on. Make it an event to remember!

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