Murdered By Potions and Herbs

Murdered By Potions and Herbs… A Table Top Murder Mystery In Four Rounds

Murdered By Potions and Herbs

Host a party of Murder and Mayhem by getting a quote from Master Detective Father Yule, John Rakestraw!

Master Detective Father Yule: This is no time for idle chit chat. Our good friend Michael Penfrog was found dead… murdered last night. You must remember, no murder can be solved if we fail to uphold your responsibilities. It’s important we all understand the tasks we are given and are asked to fulfill. I warn you to read all you are given carefully. We are in unnerving times, Murder is an awful thing and this murder is one that affects you all. Michael Penfrogʼs murder seem to be of no accident and signs point to each of you as suspects. That’s why you all have been brought here night… to discover which one of you in this very room is guilty. Which one of you is a murderer!

The facts are…

– Michael Penfrog was killed.
– by poison from some potion made with magical herbs. My Criminologists are working on what those were at this very moment. There are so many that can be used.
– Love notes have been found.
– a Rememberall was found also.
– His wand is missing.

As we are all interested in the outcome, please do not hesitate to discuss what you might know. Time is of the essence and we have a murder to solve. Does anyone have anything they might like to share?

If you would like to see and hear mor we have Video and text of this Mystery from a Facebook LIVE Event:

Facebook LIVE Mystery Event – Murdered By Potions and Herbs

Time Schedule: 1 to 1 ½ hour of play time.
(Rough Estimates…Actual Timing will be based on how long discussion time takes between suspects.)

6 to 8 Suspects and as many Investigators as you like.

This Murder Mystery Event is not a word for word script. The info tells what each character should do and what facts and comments they need to bring up in the conversations.

The host should read most of the script, all memos, clues, and evidence pieces before the Murder Mystery Event, to familiarize themselves with the storyline and the parts. The host doesn’t have to know who the murderer is. That way they can also play the game and try to figure out the mystery.

Master Detective Father Yule, will facilitate the event and will encourage discussions between the guests. He will keep things running smoothly; remind the guests to speak one at a time, loud and clear. Repeat any comments so that the group won’t miss any important clues or info.

Additional Necessary Preparations:

1. Have all Rounds and clues ready.
There are: 3 Clue Rounds, and a Final Round.

2. There will be an Evidence table and a whiteboard with pictures of the Suspects and their info for all to see.
Additional Items Needed:
– A wand
– PRI-RAT Posts
– A Rememiniscence (Note shaped like a heart with wings)
– Love Notes
– Pens for each guest

You get all the brilliant materials and pdf on how How to Host a Murder Mystery Party.

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