You see life isn’t about a huge party or play time… it’s work.

My life has been good… I’ve had ups and downs and really crazy days. But, for the most part it has always worked out somehow. We never have enough money, time, sleep, health… what we do have is love, fun, smiles, someone who will listen to you.

My life has been good

You see life isn’t about a huge party or play time… it’s work.

We all have to be engaged in the moments of life around us, to live those to the fullest. Don’t cheat yourself or those around you by not being there; in body, mind and soul. We can easily come up with reasons to not be engaged. I do it by my health or work or being selffish.

Take the time to be engaged with the important people in your life. I’m not talking the boss at work, or that needy client (They’re maybe important, but do you have friends and family and pets that you put on the second or third burner of life?) Stop making your “really life” the second banana. Your boss will throw you over in a heartbeat from someone else. The needy client must be made to understand that you have office hours. Double SSOBs (BOSS spelled backwards) and clients will come and go through your work life. Friends and family are much harder to find and keep for your “really life.”

Remember to engage with the people you turly want in your life… if it’s the Boss you want, just be warned… that person won’t jump all over the couch and look out the front window at you when you drive up and do the happy dance of joy of seeing get out of the car after a rough day at work.

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