Mystery Book Trailers

They work great for movies why not for books… Mysteries, Thrillers, Whodunit? All of them are fun to read, watch and listen to. Can you figure out the mystery?

Part Three in the new dimension for Murder Mystery Table Top Gaming.

Video… we look at many screens today, there’s the TV, our smartphones, tablets, computers and gaming consoles. We’re stream video from Youtube, Netflix, Hulu and the like all day long. We can even get video messaging from Skype, Google Hangouts, YouTube Live, GoToWebinar… engagement between groups is easy. All we need now is the reason, the need and want…

Table Top Murder Mystery Adventures is just one of the many REASONS, the NEED, & WANT for that engagement.

Books are a great world unto themselves… you open the first page and start down the path into your own great imagination. You populate this stage in your mind from the word pictures that the author paints with the writing they have created out of the many letters and symbols laid out on the page, like a map for our mind to see with all the coding from the pages which unfold the story with wonderment and delight. Moving pictures are a great way to show a story… to give life to our imagination and to share it with others. Once you can show someone your vision… in a way your creative soul… it’s a gift beyond compare.

There’s a FREE gift at the bottom of the page…

Meet Bob, one of our brilliant P.I.’s…

Hear about Bob in our new Mystery Book Trailers, “The Talking Board & Other Stories,” available in Paperback and on the Kindle, Kindle apps and eReaders.

Here’s what Bob has to say for himself… “I don’t have an office and I don’t wear a fedora or an overcoat. I like Hawaiian shirts and hats made of straw. You can find me at the local watering hole. No, I’m not the cliche P. I. drunk. I pay for the table I sit at and can use their phone on my business card. My card is simple… Bob, need a Private Eye, call Private Eye! Ask for Bob…that’s it. Very little overhead. Count out the letters for ‘PRI-VAT-EEYE’ see… it works. The lady who runs the watering hole makes a fantastic hamburger and her homemade fries are to die for. I most likely will do so… what a way to go!. They also serve the best Bailey’s Shake I have ever had. I’ve been running my business from there for the last 25 odd years.”

A private eye takes a simple trip with a local mob boss and finds himself in the middle of a séance… with a real dead body. Can he solve the murder? At Amazon

Here’s a titanic mystery to figure out with the real Titanic ship involved!


By John and Toni Rakestraw

The Titanic had to sink and Michael Kearney has learned why and so can you in our new Thriller & Mystery Book Trailers. When he overhears an intriguing conversation, he follows a trail that includes the diary his great-grandmother kept of her journey on the ill-fated oceanliner. Michael learns a lot about his great-grandmother and what she sacrificed. When others take notice of his discovery, Michael finds his life in jeopardy. With the help of a conspiracy theorist who goes by the code name Soft Kitty and his girlfriend he met at Zucotti Park helping with the Occupy Wall Street movement, Michael must take down the people who are after him before they kill him.

In a tale that reaches across a century, the romance of a bygone era etched with tragedy reaches across time to bring the truth to light through the hands of a guy who just wants to find his cat.

Available in eBook and print version on Amazon… TITANIC DECEPTION

***Here’s that FREE gift***

Another audio theatre murder mystery for you to enjoy… well, maybe have a killer time with…

Horse Sense… Eventing, horse jumping, big money on the line and people will do anything to win. This time horseshoes aren’t so lucky!

On to the Grand Interactive fun in the new dimension for Murder Mystery Table Top Gaming.

I will take you through four post…

First: LISTEN!

Second: READ!

Third: WATCH! This one.

Are you ready to match your wits against others in Part Four solving a LIVE INTERACTIVE MURDER MYSTERY?

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Mystery Book Trailers

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