Mystery Events and BBQing!

Mystery Events and BBQing!

I show you and talk about my BBQing of the Chicken thighs, (real chichen thighs to cook, not my own,) marinaded in Soy sauce, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder and Smoked Paprika. I happen to cook for 10 people… we have a larege family. I take a large pan and start adding the thighs by layers. I put the seasonings on each layer as I go up. Once I have all the chicken in the pan I add the Soy sauce and push down the chicken so that it is covered by the sauce. I use a plate the size of the pan to push down on the thighs. After that I take a knife to the chicken to get all the flavor though out the thighs. I stab down into the thighs. They should sit for a few hours or overnight. I put them on the grill and cook them to when the juices run clear. I take them off the grill and have them sit for some minutes and then serve.

When serving up a Mystery… or trying to solve one…

1) Alway look for every suspects motive.
2) Red herrings are a part of the game and the fun… plus there just might be a real clue inside those red herrings.
3) Have a pencil and paper handy… you want to keep all the storylines clear.
4) Remember means, opportunity and history to help you identify the killer(s)
5) You most likely will get a smoking gun clue somewhere around 75% to 80% through the Mystery… most people miss this clue the first time it appears. Keep yopur ears and eyes ready for the smoking gun clue!!!
6) Have a brilliant time… have fun.

Let’s have a killer time together…

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