NEGATIVE SELF-TALK is like having a cyberbully that lives in your head!

All day long and even in our sleep, we “speak” to ourselves. We are providing that needed feedback on how we’re doing, how we feel and how we cope with our realities. We should be getting proactive energy from our feedback… but for some of us, it’s NEGATIVE.


Because of that NEGATIVE energy, that poor feedback, we feel worse. We get into ruts, we stop moving forward and stay in the mud and the rain… without even knowing it, we’ve been bullied into not being our higher self. The great news is we can change our Self-Talk, and can actually make ourselves feel better. (I have to say this… you might need to talk was a medical professional, they’re the ones who are trained to help us most times.)

Now for the small issues where we just need to tell ourselves how we truly want to be…. happy, smart, fun, loving… all the proactive wonders you want and need. Many of these can be done just by REPROGRAM our minds to be more proactive, so we can enjoy greater happiness, financial freedom, self-confidence, enhanced relationships, success, improved health and wellness… the possibilities are endless. We have to just believe in ourselves and change that NEGATIVE SELF-TALK into a brilliant creative light of good energy where we feel needed, wanted, cared for and loved… by our own selves and others.


Here’s an ebook, plus an audiobook I have put together on Amazon and Audible to help you find your creative energy center and grow into that brilliant creative person you deserve to be… kindness, happiness, understanding and love are beautiful words to add to your SELF-TALK.

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