ONE TRICK PONY – Web Series – Episode One

ONE TRICK PONY: A Web Series I tried to get it off the ground but never got much done with it… so here it is being put up as a script to be read. I’ll put up an episode every once in a while, as I get them done. I hope you enjoy the show.

One Thrick Pony
The names have been changes to protect the dumb and the stupid, and the few brilliant ones who were able to save themselves. This is a fantasy, thriller, mystery that takes place in small town USA… most likely just around the corner from most of us. The out come would be worst in real life… but this is a fantasy. Please enjoy.

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The best way to tell you about it is this…

I’m Shelby… most know me as Shel. Have you ever wondered why your life is shit… I have. I know most of it’s my fault. I would love to blame other things… and do when I talk to the bank or my employers. But when I sit alone or at a table with my best buds, I tell the truth. I’m a royal screw-up. That’s how I found myself at this moment sitting at a table with a box full of gold Roman era coins and jewelry that’s worth $100,000+ and I can’t cash them in. I have to give it to a real nasty guy to save my life and make $20,000 to save my house from the loan for an engagement ring I shouldn’t have bought for a girl I shouldn’t marry and a life I freaking hate. We all sit here peering over the box in awe. My best bud, all my life from school to drool, is Mary Jo. She’s as spellbound by the box as I am. There’s two other old buds PISSER and MIKEY that I haven’t seen in years. They’re real criminals, they’re here because I caught them stealing the coins and jewelry from the place I work. The county museum, I work there as the graveyard securty guard. Why would they steal this stuff… I have no idea? Why didn’t I turn them in? Well I was there to steal the same thing. We all have our reasons for stealing the same thing. They most likely have a crooked angle. I just want to save my life and house. Mine’s a crooked angle too. So, that’s why we sit here peering over the box in awe.


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NARRATOR: PISSER comes in from the kitchen and places four cups of black coffee on the table.

SHEL: My mom always said that you made the best coffee Pisser.

PISSER: The secret is going to my grave with me, that way when you have a bad cup of joe… you will remember me and toast my soul.

JO: Most likely curse you for not give us the secret to your good coffee. But, right now I’m cursing you and Mikey for stealing those damn things.

PISSER: Hell yes you two caught us stealing that stuff from the museum and we need to give it someone to stay out a jail.

NARRATOR: Pisser grabs the box off the table.

JO: I don’t think so Pisser, put it back on the table or I hit you with this coffee cup right between the eyes.

SHEL: Pisser, put the box back on the table before May Jo, knock you a good one with her coffee cup. You know she will, she’s done it before.

MIKEY: Yeah, you got a scar from the last one.

NARRATOR: Pisser begrudgingly put the box back on the table.

PISSER I can’t believe how nasty and selfish you two are… Mikey and me will end up dead in prison if we don’t give this box to our guy and he paying us too!

SHEL: If we don’t give nasty Aaron that box, I die and lose my house.

MIKEY: But, I don’t want to end up dead and someone’s bitch in prison.

JO: Mikey that’s not our problem. Shel’s damn girlfriend, Gail, put a hit out on him with nasty Aaron. That bastard will cancel the hit if we get these gold coins and jewelry to him by tomorrow morning. All this over that damn ring mess. This is our savior. So sorry boys.

SHEL: So Pisser, who’s paying you and how much?

PISSER: That crooked lawyer, Mitch Cannon. Apparently, and since he’s been our lawyer going back to high school, he has enough crap on Mikey and me here to tell the police. With that info the cops will put us away for a good number of years. We can’t go to prison, we’ve narced on too many of the guys in jail. Those wise guys would love to see us in the jail house. We would be died by the first night. So, we need to give it to the lawyer, so that he can work his deal with this other guy, someone by the last name of Takeaway? A bit of a nasty one too, by Mitch’s accounts.

JO: You a-holes. That guy, Takeaway, that’s nasty Aaron. That’s who we were trying to steal it for. So why does Mitch want you to steal it?

PISSER: A few days ago he conned us into helping him. Claims he can’t do it himself. He was going on about being too old for all this sort of crap, but…

JO: Aaron won’t just let Mitch pull out of their deal, so the lawyer asked you two to steal it before Aaron’s people gets it. Which Shel and I, just happen to be Aaron’s people. Mitch was selling me out even before I was in on the deal.

PISSER: Crap… this gets deep. I thought you and Mitch were tight, Jo? He called us today with the combination to the safe. He even said we could keep the whole bag of money, just get the coins and the jewelry from the safe tonight.

JO: We were tight… he must’ve found out I was going to double cross him and get it all for nasty Aaron. How much was Mitch going to pay?

PISSER: $10,000 first of all, but now the whole bag of money is ours.

JO: How can you be sure Mitch has the money to pay you?

PISSER: We were in this bar, The Pink Lady, earlier and he showed Mikey and me the money. It was in a Hello Kitty backpack.

NARRATOR: Mary Jo gives a knowing smile to Shel, who then looks at Pisser.

SHEL: Pisser, we need to talk–

PISSER: We could pawn these thingys here on the table off on ebay. We’ll cut you in for 10%.

JO: We just caught you stealing it , Pisser… that nine tenth of the law. So, you would get 10%. Before you even get stated… I know what you’re thinking. Forget about it. We can’t sell it on ebay or pawn it off at one of the coin stores around here and go 50/50. We’ve got to save Shel’s life and his house.

SHEL: Where’s your ten grand then?

PISSER: There was a bit of an incident. We don’t have all that money now… but we’ll soon have it back.

MIKEY: Soon… that’s why we need that box.

JO: As it stands now… we’re all screwed. Everyone is double crossing each other. So, for us to get out of this scot free and with a little cash in our hands. We, meaning us four here, need to stick together. Now listen up you three jerk-wads. I got stories to tell you and we’re all pawns in a bigger game. This all started with a damn ring…


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