In Oregon, Here’s Where to Get Your Mystery Kits

In Oregon, Master Detective John Rakestraw, Who Do IT? is one of the best Murder Mystery Event host.

In Oregon

Are you looking for brilliant entertainment for the Holidays, Group Building, Corporate Parties, a Birthday or Just getting friends and family together for that FUN time. That’s what we’re all about… Master Detective for Hire… the quest where dice, popper guns and fun challenges rule the party! The Game… the mystery… is only partly ready when you bring it to the table for your band of guest. They, the guest, are the true writers of the stories… there’s a mystery to solve and all of you have the clues.

Murder Mystery Events for Hire.

Murder Mystery Parties in Oregon ~ Passion, deceit, revenge, murder… Murder is for sale, this is not your average dinner party! Everyone’s a detectives in our Mystery Event. Murder Mystery Event Game & 30 clues to the killer… Lets have a murderous time!

Get your Mystery Kit here. Many brilliant themes to play!

Add some excitement to your party with a Murder is for sale Role Playing Mystery Event… where you and your guests become the Detctives!

• Corporate Team Building
• Dinner Parties
• Holiday Parties
• Halloween Parties
• Birthday Parties (mystery parties are available for all ages)

Fund Raising And Murder Mystery Events mix well and make for a fun and profitable event.

Even if you’ve never hosted a Murder Mystery Party or Mystery Dinner before, Jack Pachuta complete do-it-yourself-murder kits will guide you step by step and stress-free through your brilliant party.

The Captain Morgan Mystery - pirate treasure and Mayan gold
The Captain Morgan Mystery: Mayan Gold and Pirate Treasure!

Downloadable Alaska Murder Mystery Party Kit
This Alaskian Murder is Carved in Stone: The Victims Fate was Written in the Mountains!

Downloadable Las Vegas Murder Mystery Party Kit
Betting on Death: High Kicks and High Speed!

Downloadable Golf Murder Mystery Party Kit
Murder is Par for the Course: Could a Hole in One be a Fatal Event?

Downloadable Cruise Murder Mystery Party Kit
Death Ahoy: Stormy Clouds on a Sunny Cruise!

For $300+ (the sky is the limit on how big you want your Murderous Events to be.) you can hire Master detectve John Rakestraw and his crew to run your brilliant Mystery Event. I tailor the unique murder mystery to you and your guests. We have two styles events for sale: Murder Mystery Game (Clue cards and Mini Games to fill the nights entertainment) or 30 Clues to a Killer (To make that happen you need to invite 4 or more people who love to role-play as your event murder suspects) once have you you murder mystery guests and suspects lined up… it’s KILLER party time. I love the thrill of emailing the fun party guests tips about the up coming mystery… get them in the playful Sherlock Holmes mood before the party by emailing them clues or even red herrings or some brilliant tips on how to be better detectives. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner party for four or an entire murder mystery weekend for hundreds, I can help make your killer party the perfect murder mystery event. I will guide you through the pre-party details–help you with invitations, send out the suspects’ assignments, and info. I will help you with more party ideas to enhance the mystery.

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