Oregon Wedding Showcase

Oregon Wedding Showcase… Find Something For Every Bride at the this Brilliant event for the wedding in your future!

Oregon Wedding Showcase

I won’t be able to attend this great event, busy making the magickal events happen somewhere else special.

The areas wedding professionals want to MEET YOU, tell you about themselves, and SHOW YOU what they have to offer. If you are planning a wedding or other special event make the most of your time and money by attending an Oregon Wedding Showcase bridal show.

I’m always honored to perform the nuptial rites of marriage for couples who have found their one true love…

Traditional Nuptials | Handfasting | The Marriage Broom

Nuptial Rites

Marriage, the nuptial rites of passage from being single to a joined couple, has been celebrated through many forms of feasts and festivals. We even perform the wedding rituals in these modern times: a procession that conveys the loving couple to the marriage celebration; an exchange of gifts; a purification of the wedding couple, a wedding feast, a preparation of the wedding chamber and bed; and the secret nocturnal act of love.

Love is a small word with deep meanings and longings. A marriage is built over a lifetime. I rejoice in being apart of the beginning of a life long love story.

Tips for Attending bridal shows:

To Help Get the most out of the show follow these great ideas…

• Sign-up here at Register as a Bride online or at the show to become eligible for prizes and giveaways.
• Have a little hand calendar with you to make appointments with vendors that impress you.(Don’t forget to get their Business Cards.)
• Bring a planner, inspiration file, color swatches (& maybe you have a wedding dream book.) These all can help exhibitors understand your dream event.
• Great idea is to have pre-print labels with your contact information; name, smartphone number, email. This will save time signing up for contests.
• Bring a checkbook or credit card… when you find the perfect vendor or want to take advantage of a show special you will be prepared to make a deposit.
• Bring your Fiancé, Mom, other Family, Friends and even Dad. Getting others involved helps you and makes the experience more fun!
• You can’t make it? Send a trusted friend or family member to collect information.
• Make sure you Validate your ticket before you leave Saturday, that way you can return Sunday at no charge.
• Relax… you are entering a place where everyone LOVES weddings and is excited to help you have the event of your dreams!

Eugene Wedding Showcase

January 30 & 31, 2016

Sat 10-5 /Sun 11-4:30
Lane Events Center
Fashion Shows at 12:00 & 3:00

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