Organized Mess To Organized Bliss

Organized Mess To Organized Bliss

Organized Mess To Organized Bliss

Toni and I are launching into a new fun adventure…

Fall is just around the corner, school is soon to start (for some it has already started.) Fall sports and activities are getting ready… like football, band, lacrosse, choir, field hockey, cross country, soccer, chess club, volleyball… just to name a few.

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Chin guards? Check. Musical instrument? Check. Cleats? Check. Robot? Check. Water bottles? Check. Snacks? Check. Chess set? Check.

Whether you or your child play soccer, football, hockey, are active in drama, the band, or chess club, fall sports and activities season has begun. You’ve got your equipment ready, but do you have what you need to survive?

“Whenever someone says, ‘Does anyone have an X, Y or Z?’, you would love to be the one who always does, right? The Drama/Band/Choir/Sports parent has an active life with the kids and their own activities. We’re on the go all day long, or at least all evening long…clocking more miles on our vehicles than any of us care to know, and cheering through dozens of events.

All that stuff needs to be carried, organized, put in a tote, caddy, bags, cinch sac, traveler case, and savvy sleeves to help carry all those different mobile devices… plus all the homework that still needs to be finished and turned in.

That’s what we have for you…

A brilliant way to turn your organized mess into organized bliss.