Pet pictures with Santa

Pet pictures with Santa

Pet pictures with Santa

Kids and pets all in a roll in front of a decorated fireplace or Christmas tree produces a brilliant traditional holiday photo, but why stop there, why not add Santa Claus to your wonderful pictures.

To get the best pictures, take many more pictures than you think you’ll ever use, in different rooms and in different poses. Start shooting even while your subjects are setting up for the photo shoot — sometimes the best shoots will be un-posed and spontaneous.


Wrapped presents with their lids open and/or have big Christmas stockings which make perfect holders for your pets. If your children are small, put them in the same large box as the pet. If not, take pictures of your children placing the dog in the box or stocking and sitting next to it once the dog is inside. With a large dogs, have the kids dressing them as Santa or as a Christmas tree. Better yet… pile presents on top of each other to create drama and height and have the children and the pet peek around from behind the pile and discover Santa. Let your imagination go wild here with these pet pictures with Santa.

Move the whole thing outside

The minute you step outside, the light for your photo improves from the rich, natural light from the sun. Place a wreath on your front door and pose the children and pet(s) with good old Santa Claus. They could be just standing in front of the door holding their favorite pet(s). Don’t forget to accessorize again… such as sleds for the children and pet(s) to sit on or a snowmen for your subjects to peek around. Or, let your children and pet(s) lie in the snow and make snow angels. Use the snow and stage a shot at their eye level or from above, standing on a ladder and looking down. You can even have a snow fight with Santa. Adding Santa to all this magical family fun and you’ll have a memory to last a life-time

Get ahold of Santa John at for your once in a life-time photo shoot with the family, which should include your wonderful pet(s).

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