Playing DnD, Making Characters and Finding Players

I started playing DnD, the first time, about 40 years ago. It’s was a great time and fun to play. My older brother and I started to go on adventures, me as a DM and he playing five characters. I played for about four years and then found a girlfriend… fell in love… and started playing the best RPG game in life… THEATRE!

I married that girlfriend, did theatre for a long time, and thought I would get back to DnD sometime later. I didn’t know it would take thirty-some years for that to happen.

I read on the internet how the hardest thing for many DMs and players is finding each other. Most of these games tell you to get your friends together and play. The message boards are full of, “Where do you find these friends?”

Well, I made my players from scratch… we had children, and I hoped that out of the eight kids we had, that a few would want to play DnD. This is a long term commitment… it took me twenty-six years… the youngest had to get to an age where she could play.

Out of the eight kids… six wanted to play, and I talked my wife into playing too… well, the kids helped there.

So, the best way for me was to marry one player and create the rest… RPGing to the max!

After all that hard work… getting people together or creating your own players… you’ll want them to have badass characters with brilliant ability scores in the the right slots. There’s a few ways to make this happen…

Hope you roll the dice in your favor… personally I love the feel and sound of the dice. Roll 4d6 and pick the three best dice, repeat this five more times and take those scores and dole them out to the six attributes.

As a Dungeon Master back thirty-five-plus years ago… I would let the players take the dice scores rolled and take the points from one set of numbers and add them to another. I would make sure they couldn’t take an attribute down below six.

Here’s how it worked…

They rolled: 12, 15, 9, 14, 7, 16.

(So you could take the 12 score and take 2 from it and give it to either the 15 or 16 and make them 17 or 18 and the 12 becomes 10. You could do that with any number rolled, you just can’t go below 6 with any of them.)

You could use a dice roll app on your Smartass phone, Tablet, or computer. has macros you can use that roll the dice for you. There are ones that roll six sets of numbers for you to use.

As a DM I will let the players choose to use the numbers that they rolled or go with scores from the dice rolling app. They can’t pick and choose from the individual dice rolls… it’s either all or nothing.

There’s also… Buying Points!

It’s a simple system where you get a set number of points to spend up from base stats that involves no rolling. However, I read that some say it works out that you average a larger gain from rolling stats, slightly.

But this can give you the stats you want and maybe even need for that badass character you are building.

It works closely like the idea I mentioned earlier where you add to a set score of numbers. Here you start with eight in each ability score (pick your Race, and add the bonuses for that,) and have 27 points to buy from… it helps to also know which Class or Classes you are playing, too.

After that… you play DnD… well almost… I’ll make more videos about the next steps.

Remember… that the dice and your imagination rule the realm!

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