Private or Pirate or Pri-rat mail and all the clues for FB LIVE Mystery Event

Private or Pirate or Pri-rat mail and all the clues so far with the LIVE Mystery Event Coming Soon!

New Mystery coming June 10th at 6PM Pacific Coast Time…


The facts are…

– Michael Penfrog was killed by poison from some potion made with magical herbs. My Criminologists are working on what those were at this very moment. There are so many that can be used.
– Love notes have been found.
– a Reminiscence note (Shaped like a heart with wings) was found also.
– Michael Penfrog’s wand is also missing.

Murder most foul!

To follow all the clues for this new mystery click on the hastage below…


Sebastian Talbot – I interview him a few hours ago. He was shocked by some of the recent news and clues that have gone public. Sebastian even said, “There are sides to people you never expected and secrets you never knew. Who do you trust? How do we move on?”

Private or Pirate or Pri-rat mail

I told him that through our investigations that we had ran into a much older women, who said that she uses to be his house keeper. She states that you might have let her go or more direct, fired her because she knew of his affair with the Penfrog boy’s mother. Is this true or just an old woman and her jumbled memory and hurt of being fired? I asked Sebastian Talbot, “Were you having an affair with Michael Penfrog’s mother before she and his father were cursed by a madness spell, when he was just a little boy, that made it so that he grew up without them there in his life. Plus, through more digging around we found out that a unknown person has been paying their medical bills for many years. Are you that person? I can understand all this out of your love for her, and guilt may have had over your affair and how it might of caused the madness curse to happen. Are you that unknown person that pays their medical bills? I must warn you that I have read the note inside “The Reminiscence” (the heart shape note with wings) was it yours, the last note sent to his mother before the curse?
I got no answer from him…only hollow eyes looking back at me.

Private or Pirate or Pri-rat mail

Then there was Ralph Hardstep -He and his gang of thugs went to Wizarding School together with all of the suspects, but they were not all in the same grade. Ralph was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and he let everyone know that his family owned the town, many parts of the school, and could buy and sell them all. Very few got along with him or his family then or now. His family is old money that is dying away. He’s less than sorry Michael Penfrog’s died. He never liked him, nor his awkward, annoying personality, and his hatred towards him has only increased lately, due to his growing fame and attention. Plus to have Michael Penfrog, of all people to become his boss…the head of Ralph’s family’s own firm, an import and export of magic antiques. How dare the shareholders put a buffoon like him in charge when Ralph should be the one…it’s an insult to the Hardstep family’s reputation. He has been waiting for the chance to teach him a lesson. Ralph wanted to remind everyone just how much Michael Penfrog was and still is an idiot, an utterly foolish and senseless person…he had this coming. Ralph and his gang did go to Michael’s rooms and look through his belongings. They did find a Reminiscence that Sebastian Talbot wanted, plus they saw several bottles of Love Potion in Penfrog’s place…Ralph even took a picture of one. Ralph Hardstep told the main investigators, “Why would I want to help this bunch of losers solve any crimes?”

Other things of interest… As I sit here finishing these note… a rat mail came to my side. Jill Toegate states… “I loved Michael Penfrog and I will always love him. Anything I did was out of love for him and his demons.”

Demons? I know I just read something about demons and herbs. Was Michael worrying about inner demons and how to control them…

I also just found out, by rat mail, that the Hardstep family firm used a special cleanser to clean all those magical antiques that they import and export, made by Alice Lacegood, which uses wormwood as part of its ingredients. Something to do with killing parasites. Though rumor has it that Mr. Penfrog was looking for a different product to use and dropping the huge five figure contract with Miss Lacegood. This is something I will need to look into more.

Murder is most foul… See you soon!

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