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Promotional Events with a Santa for hire are a brilliant way to majorly benefit a community-oriented live event. Company events, Seasonal events and Sales event. You can collect the email addresses of everyone by takes photos with Father Yule John Rakestraw, and then inform them when their photo will be available online, but there is huge potential to expand on the marketing opportunity throughout the year. Photos with Santa Claus not only builds brand awareness, it also adds an interactive element.


Promotional Events with Father Yule John


Promotional Events red treeIt helps your customers get to know your company better… on a fantastic personal level, not some slick sales flyer. It also helps you to get to know your customers. You enjoy that needed face-to-face time, which means that you have a chance to get that all important direct feedback about what your are doing well and what you could improve in the future. There are also opportunities to generate revenue directly from an event like Photos with Father Christmas. The online photo sales packages give additional benefit of extending the life of the promotional events beyond itself.

Tips for Running Your Own Promotional Events:

One of the most important factors to consider when starting to plan your own live event is promotion. After all, in order to have a successful event, you need people there. Start promoting Photos with Santa, which takes place near Thanksgiving and early December. Use both print and online promotions, beginning in early November to start their Holiday celebration juices going.

Make sure it’s clear that anyone who wants to come is welcome and that there is no charge to get in. FREE IS A GREAT PRICE! Yes, there is no charge to enter the event. More people will attend if you keep your event free of charge and open to the entire community.

When running A “Photo with Santa” event, you can come face to face with many logistical challenges. One of the most pressing concerns when running a live event of this scale is how to manage the crowd and keep the hundreds of families who could come to these promotional events occupied while they wait (often for hours at a time–to have their pictures taken with Santa.)

Here are a few of the strategies you can adopted to keep the crowd under control and all of our attendees happy:

  • Pick a good venue. Find a place that’s convenient and comfortable for families and make sure it’s big enough to easily accommodate a large crowd.
  • Promote with crowd management in mind. Since you can expect a huge number of attendees, you start advertising different times for Photos with Santa in different newspapers. One will advertise the event as happening from 10-12, another as from 12-2, another as from 2-4, and so on, even though in reality the event will be happening all day. If you can stagger when people show up, you will have consistent attendance throughout the day and avoid congestion at certain times.
  • Get organized. Since the families who come will have to wait for hours to get their pictures taken, we give them a number as they walk in that tells them when they get to see Santa. At that point, they can either choose to wait or leave and come back close to that time. You could also considered using SantaPass, (which customers could purchase for a chance to choose the time they get to see Santa.)
  • Keep people occupied. If you know that people will be waiting around for a long time, it is important that you create content to keep them occupied in the meantime. You could work with a number of small vendors who come and sell seasonally relevant items such as plants, Christmas decorations, and even Christmas trees. Food vendors, Coffee Carts. You may even contract with a local daycare to come and run craft tables and activities for the children. I’ve even heard of local TV station coming with a weather backdrop so kids could be filmed giving mock weather reports while they waited.
  • Make it worth the wait. Make sure you get an authentic Father Christ for hire. When they finally have their turn with Santa Claus, he better make their wait worth it. Have wonderful quality photographs that families can treasure for years to come.
  • Father Yule for hire should knock their socks off!

What community-oriented events have you put on to engage your audience in the past? What else have you done to maximize the success of your live promotions?

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