Rants of Creative Empowerment

Rants of a Sane Man Barking at the Moon

RantsI decided the only way to get my views out there was by doing a Blog, FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Hangouts On Air and BlogTalkRadio. This all started an odyssey of RANTS that I began in March of 2010.

We all see the world from our own perspective and/or how it effects us as we rush through it. So, please take my RANTS and what I write and say… as just another tour guide along the path.

The wit, wisdom and RANTS of Santa/Father Yule/Dungeon Master John Rakestraw…

“The rule books for DnD came out in 1974 and quickly after that my mother bought the game. I played it with my older brother for years and then with school buddies too. I mostly was the DM or GM at these game days… we’d play for hours.”

It taught me storytelling, leadership, how to organize your time and meet deadlines, and always have an extra set of dice ready.

“My mind is a far deadlier weapon than some ill-crafted bit of steel and iron! We play DnD 5e… the lastest adventure is TOMB OF ANNIHILATION (My Take on this Quest) – Dancing in Death’s Playground.”

“We weep… yet have no words that say the right thing. We weep… wishing all to heal. We weep… to free our souls of pain. We weep…”

“In this brilliant world there are those who see a cup 1/2 full and others 1/2 empty. I just drink the whole darn fool cup and that way we know what it is…”

“We think Santa Claus enters through the chimney. He truly enters through all our hearts.”

“Christmas was gluing cotton balls onto a paper cut outs of Santa. Sneaking a peak at the presents under the tree and wondering what was there in that box. Thinking how much gift-wrap it would take to turn the whole world into a Christmas gift. The grand terror of knowing that a jolly old Elf would magically know if I’ve been naughty or nice and would enter my families’ home while we slept and could leave us coal or fantastic presents… I always seemed to get fantastic presents. That jolly old soul had a very forgiving heart.”

“Your mind will always believe what you tell it. Feed it with love, kindness, hope… and that SANTA CLAUS IS REAL!”

“I always wish for good stuff to come along when I grow older. So when I was 18, I wished to be 30 (brilliant stuff happen in those wonderful 12 years. When I was 30, I longed to be 50 (magical things filled my life with joy and happiness.) I can’t wait to be 60. I’ve always looked forward to my next birthday… the odyssey is fantastic!”

“May you find your quest and live up to your dreams.”

“Remember to have fun again – Laugh, joke, play, find your sense of humor, subscribe to a daily joke or get a tear-off calendar. Nothing makes us feel better as fast as a good old-fashioned belly laugh. Have fun. Live a life of joy.”

“Happiness is not found on any map, can’t be owned, be earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the magic of living one’s life with endless love, grace, and deep gratitude.”

“I believe that life is a beach, with a umbrella drink and a nice cool breeze.”

“A rainbow of chaos is the true story of life.”

“All you have to carry is joy and wonderment in your heart and soul, those can heal any moment.”

“Let go of any preconceived beliefs or ideas you have about how life should be, how things NEED to be, or how those others around you should act or live. Just let go and live.”


“Be attached to nothing… you can still have connection and junction; just don’t get caught up in all the outcomes of them, those thingies. Be Free.”

“I love the alchemy of writing, the theatre of it all. It’s creating something magical… a story!”

“The best time for planning a book is while you’re sitting on the toilet.”

“I have found that the story building is always far better than my ability to write it.”

“Most books are never finished…we writers just abandoned them and sell them off as literature.”

“A good written story is always more stunning, than the truth reveled in whispers about town. They both satisfy… but the story lives longer.”

“The first words you write in a story are the most delicious… you never quite know where they’ll wander off to.”

“I find being a writer enjoyable… It’s all the damn paperwork and words and story development that seems to gets in the way.”

“With writing a story, in the end all we have are the words… I just hope and pray they’re the right ones, and in the best order.”

“I can be miserable, I can be edgy and most times tired. I hear those are the perfect moods for being a writer…”

“It’s not “good vs. bad”… the best story arcs are from “good vs. good.” That’s why Breaking Bad was a hit. Good people doing bad stuff…”

“We have creative writing… but along with that we need creative reading. Writers today must inspire reading, we writers must make readers.”

“I want a fan base… not a email list.”

“I have found that the biggest thing we writers all have in common… is we are good at avoiding writing the story.”

“The writer is like a god in the books own universe, present in every word… but invisible to the reader.”

“I know that my existence as a writer and a person can be summed up in a series of footnotes to a huge, ambiguous, sketchy grand magnum opus.”

“A writer only gives birth to the story. The readers raises the story like a adopted parent.”

“As writers we need to step into our characters… live inside our stories and breath the arcs, the conflict and feel their pain. That way the readers can follow…”

“When I was younger and told stories I was called a liar… but now at my older age I’m called a storyteller. Age does have it advantages.”

“When you look at the art of writing it’s a lot like making sausage… you’re better off not knowing what goes into the make of it.”

“Writing is cooking words… we get all the letters together and throw in some butter and sugar, other times vinegar… and magic!”

“Writing helps us to celebrate a world of creativity that fans out all around us like a bewildering brilliant dream.”

“I always use the element of surprise with my writing… I sneak up on the story when it least expects it.”

“It truly is a shame how many of us choose ‘the slow decline into obsolescence’ route over ‘risking anything new’…”

“There are many things we need as writers… our writing must have us. Our souls, our hearts, our guts, but most importantly our voice.”

“The most creative endeavor of all is… the art of living.”

“I remember when a computer mouse was an epic tool… when they had balls.”

“I have read that you need to see your ideal customer when planning your marketing campaign…

my ideal reader/listener/viewer for my books/podcasts/videos would an accomplice, a team of like minded crazies, ones who want to play in my brilliant world.”

“Everything I write is a little candle that lightens a dark place. I truly want to illuminate the chance of hope and a better world.”

“I have found that most thing are created in darkness… we like to create from a void. BANG… and the magic happens.”

“Being writers… we try to escape into our writing. But many of us are unable to do so even in fiction. We take it all too seriously. LIVE!”


“I never write about what I real know… I write my stories to find out what I should know. It’s always full of mayhem and mystery.”

“Make them feel emotions. Why do people listen to audio theatre? For the entertainment and emotional exercise. I am a servant to my fans and their emotions.”

“I realized that I wanted to play characters and do traditional theatre. I wanted to make believe again. That’s why I write…”

“‘Are you self-made?’ in truth… ‘No one is self-made,’ and certainly, if you want to make it in a creative business like films ,television, music, writing, art or theatre, the amount of help that you need, the amount of people who need to give you a helping hand is extraordinary. Always be there for others and remember that you would be nothing without your fans. They are your best marketing tool ever. ‘No one is self-made!'”

“I love playing make believe, ever since I was a wee little kid. I like putting on a costume and pretending to be someone else for a few hours… hell I still love it now. That’s why I have my own online audio theatre (or audio literature shows,) I have a great respect for playwrights. We are given such great words to say and many actors are remember by the brilliant words they are given to say… it’s a shame that we don’t always remember the person who came up with those brilliant words for the actor to say. Remember to give respect to the brilliant playwrights out there… they make us sound much smarter then we truly are, or evil, or not as bright… for my part much funnier then I could ever have been. Thank you for giving me a great foundation to start writing my own scripts and story lines. I had great shoulders to stand on.”

“This brilliant world is a crazy, beautiful, complicated place, and it keeps moving on from crisis to strangeness to beauty to weirdness to tragedy. The caravan we call life slowing moves down the roads and keeps moving on, and the job of us writer, us voice over actors is to stop… to pause… and get out and push the caravan down the road… that’s when this stuff becomes magical. Audio theatre come alive in our minds, much like how we see books in our heads as we read them. The theatre of the mind is the greatest cinema of all time… movies and TV have robbed us of this magic. We now only see someone elses vision of the story. Before these other media came about. We all had great picture in our head. Our imaginations flew on magic clouds of mind pictures. Your story didn’t look like mine and mine didn’t get limited by the vision of others. Join me in opening up our cinema of the mind… Audio Theatre flies on clouds of magic.”

“There’s alot of fear of these never ending gizmos and gadgets. Which is nothing new for people. The radio, the telephone, cellphones, smartphones, Facebook… each of these inventions changed the world. Each of them scares the bejesus out of the older generations of their times. And each of them was invented by people who were in their 30’s and in their 20’s. We are forced into a brave new world… without the tools to fit in. Many of us just flow with the new current and learn on our feet. Others hit a brick wall and stand there stunned. Not everyone needs to change with the times… they just need a good tour guide that will smooth them along the new path and make them comfortable. We can see the benefits of the new gizmos and wish for the old ways to stay just a little longer.”

“Nobody seems to know yet how much the Internet, Netflix, Yahoo, Hulu and such are going to affect radio, TV, movies, love, housekeeping or advertising sells… but I would love to see it revive vaudeville.”

“SEO, Social Marketing, eMail list, and gatekeepers may be all very well, but what you need most today is Charm. Go ahead and work on your engagement, and social analytics if you want to… I’ll develop my Audio Theatre personality. Besides politics is developing more comedians, and bad actors than any media ever did before. They forget how to be charming and build a fan base. Their more like the shock jocks of the 1990’s. A lot of hot air, but no real loyal following. If your today’s flavor… more power to you. If not, you’re screwed. Charm always sells even in a bad economy.”

“The reason I write murder mysteries is because the characters I write about will kill me in my sleep if I don’t tell their stories…”

“I figure that I’m professional writer… how do I know? I’ve gotten paid by someone I didn’t know and I bought hostess twinkies with that money… that makes me a pro…”


“Writing is all around us… it’s not something we just did in school and then left behind in a shoe box. It’s something that’s familiar and everyday to many of us here on social media. We us words to weave a tale of our lives and experiences. Writers just take it a little further down the road, and add more words, commas, periods, and stuff like that.

“The best thing we writers can do… encourage more reading!”

“Many times I sound like Dr. Seuss in my head… like this “Why aren’t the thinks I’m thinking getting thunk by the fox in the box?””

“The best gift for a writer… a reader.”

“Let your stories grow, let the characters surprise you from time to time, doing this will certainly surprise your readership.”

“I always try to keep myself playful when I write… it allows me unlimited possibility.”

“The emotions and things you fear the most… is what you should write about. Conflict in fiction is the fuel of storytelling. If you fear spiders, and many of us do have issues with those eight legged freaks, then write a story about them. I fear windows at night, I always feel there’s someone or thing out there watching me. Your fears could be a best seller…”

“May you find your dreams and they find you worthy.”

“Fill your stories with the whispers from your soul.”

“Many people sit for many years waiting for inspiration to show up. The rest of us creative types, we just get up everyday and go to work. Don’t wait for inspiration… create your own magic everyday.”

“Being creative isn’t a 9 to 5 job, 5 day weeks with weekends off. It’s fills your life 24/7, 365 to 366 days. You work at it all the time. Building a creative center where you can live your dreams of being creative. You have no days off, no vacations, no sick days… you create!”

“When we open our souls to create… the magic is there.”

“How I feel when I write… like my arms are tied behind my back, and my legs are stuck in cement and all I have is a pencil in my mouth.”

“Anyone can start a novel… it truly takes a real writer to finish one.”

“It’s the pouring out a little bit of your soul that make it so hard… it’s as if we bleed a little each time we type a letter.”

“If you haven’t found the story that you want to read… the only choice left is to write it yourself.”

“Write The Story That Talks to You!”

“I have found that as an author… I can only write the story that wants to be written.”

“It says that “Aging is not a disease.” Actually it is…
When my wife and I had our colonoscopies last year on our paper work it said, “Systemic Disease.” When we asked what that was… they told us that meant that we were old. So, modern medical science has turn old age into a disease so that they can bill for it. We are now a disease on society… ;-])”

“There really is nothing to this writing stuff. All you do is sit down at that paper with a pen, a computer, a keyboard and pour out a little bit of your soul for all to share.”

“I have read some great stories, when I’m all done reading it, I really wish the author was a friend of mine and that I could just call up whenever I felt like it and talk about the characters and where the story is at now… it really sucks we can’t do that.”

“There is no greater agony to an author… than carry in their soul an untold story. Write that story, that book… let it live!”

“May you always find your path or at least a map… though a GPS would be helpful… maybe OnStar.”

“The secret sauce of content marketing… SHARING!”

“You know when it’s true love?

Your willing to do boring things together… and love it.”

“How would one measure whether your life has been a success?

Have you enjoy it and do you have regrets…

When I went in for my open heart surgery nine years ago, I had my Aortic valve replaced. These are the things I asked myself… I had no major regrets, I wish I could live longer and see my children grown, hold my wife longer in my arms, wonderful and simple things like that. Did I enjoy my life… yes! Nine years later and I still can say no major regrets and I have enjoyed more seconds of my life than not. That to me is success.”

“The beauty of being a parent is to remember that it’s your child’s journey and quest… not ours. Give them the tools and love to take the journey.”

Merry Christmas is beautiful… and so is Happy Holidays. No one has taken away Christmas. I love Christmas, Yule , Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. You don’t have to watch what you say… but, let us not make people say Merry Christmas to make you feel empowered. If given in kindness, take in kindness. Enjoy the season the way you feel best. Just don’t get so bent out of shape if someone wants to say Happy Holidays.

“I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Has god made your hearts of stone… that you can’t see that god meant this time of year for all. There are many wonderful Holidays at this time of year, all celebrate god’s goodness. None of us own the season, rejoice in sharing it with all the people of the earth.”

“Any book you find worth reading is indeed worth buying…”

“Life-transforming brilliance most times come to us through books.”

“The true place of higher learning is in a brilliant collection of books.”

“A book sitting idle on a lone shelf is wasted brilliance. Like most things, books need to be constantly read and borrowed and shared…”

“Have you ever noticed that rules are great for others… but not so much for us.”

“It’s not about what you get in life… it’s what you’re willing to give. Life is a gift that we must share.”

“A bad self-image is the looking glass that can transform an imperfection into an overwhelming symbol of self doubt. We are all beautiful…”

“One book doesn’t make us a writer… it makes us a publish author. What we need is a whole menu of books to feed to our readership. Fantastically written books, well edited and professional cover art. This writing gig is a craft… we need to treat it as such.”

“There are no rules with creativity… for creativity is meant to run free.”

“Words have great power, they have fantastic meaning. As #writers we need to truly understand the craft of word pictures.”

“An audio book is a great way to send my message out to the world and help you find that spark of greatness that’s in each and everyone of us… we all have potential.”

“Creativity is a journey with your soul and heart.”

“Love is one of those mysteries… the more psychologically complex, the better.”

“Intuition is known to speaks with a brilliant small voice that’s not easy to hear.”

“The world is vast and many aren’t here on social media sites. We live in a real reality, not a digital one. I enjoy my engagements here and on other social media sites. But, it’s grand to get up and out of that chair and interact with the 3D virtual reality, we call real life. Go be free, have fun and remember we’ll all be right here waiting for your next post…”

“Climb out of your doom and bask in the joy of taking one more breath.”

“The magic to a long marriage… pure harmony. Singing together through the many discords that will play through your relationship. Always give each other the support to reach those hard notes and don’t be afraid to sing in unison. I have the fantastic luck and pleasure to find my perfect singing partner. Toni Rakestraw has always helped me find the right notes to sing!”

“What I learned after I took up writing books, it’s not like some special guru on a mountain top, but more like a child playing with legos and building that creative thing… where we happily put one brick down and then another and then create a whole world for our readers.”

“Writing stories has sent me down many unknown road of a character’s lifetime… it has helped me make sense out of all those threads that span the character’s life in front of me. It helps to follow them, it helps to connect with them, and it helps me get tangled in their stories and discover the plot with them… not just for them.”

“Book marketing is like breathing, we don’t have to think about breathing… it just happens. Talk about your book… not about buying it!”

“I wish there was a magic wand that can bring us success. There isn’t, the magic is the spell of words, spell enough of them & make a book!”

“I hope to be remembered for writing books that are entertaining and that also have enough ‘pop art’ value to endure as works of literature for years to come!”

“As a Murder Mystery writer, I try to remember that every murderer is probably somebody’s old friend, loved by a family and is someones hero… that way they stay human in my eyes and are not seen for the demons they can become.”

“I’m so glad I don’t have to hunt to put food on my families table… where in the hell do wild sandwiches live anyway?”

“Our lives are enriched by our readership, their lives are enriched by our writing… we make magic happen by sharing the beauty of words and taking you beyond their imagination into yours.”

“Short stories are sometimes described as a training ground for novel size writing. But, it take much more talent and keen editing to set your story in a short form. Plus, it’s a far harder form of writing.”

“Murder can be seen as easy, when your not one of the killed or killers!”

“Murder walks in, sits down, and smiles at you. For murder is a dreadful culmination of circumstances where a person dies and another walks away alive. ”

“Not every clue is intended to be solved. Some are there to tease you. Others are, in fact, there to play judge and jury… that is why they’re called mysteries.”

“My dream is to help people’s creative souls climb to greater heights.”

“There are no rules with creativity… for creativity is meant to run free.”

“Reading social media posts, is a lot like listening. I like to listen and read. I have learned a great deal from listening and reading carefully. Most people never listen to what they’re reading.”

“The criminal is to creativity… as the detective is to the critic.”

“Chaos is the best stuff of creativity… a box of crayons is full of creative chaos.”

“Creative Empowerment is to have the courage to do what children do when they know nothing… to explore and gain awareness.”

“Creativity is the brilliant idea that we can make mistakes. Genius is knowing which ones of those brilliant mistakes we should keep.”

“The Universe and all its brilliant creative powers are the greatest part of our minds and hands.”

“Rational thinking has never been part of my creative process.”

“Life is like a game of Poker… it’s knowing how to play a bad hand, like you have a Royal Flush.”

“Creativity is a beautiful gift we give to ourselves and to others…”

“Be one of the encouragers… The world has enough critics to work with!”

“It comes down to 7 brilliant words for me… Gratitude, Courage, Knowledge, Belief, Wonder, Generosity, and the most beautiful one, Love! When a person gives you their time, an ear to listen… we must take this in kindness. Give with kindness and receive in kindness. The words we are hearing are most likely the ones we need to hear at that time… the meaning maybe lost to us, but that will come in due time.”

“I can’t possibly do everything… but hear me now, I am crazy enough to try!”

“I have found that life is this wonderful mess of genius and stupidity… the best part of it all is we can’t tell them apart.”

“I haven’t failed at anything, I just have found ways to differently do it wrongish… I even make up words… so, if you fail at being wrong… then you are right… which is being correct… therefore you haven’t failed!

This logic thing isn’t has hard as they make it out to be…”

“Why would somebody look at a animal nursing (This one being a cow) and wonder… ‘what does that tastes like and could I sell it to my neighbor?” AND TO ADD TO THAT… the neighbor knowing where it came from, bought it. This is where marketing started.

I’m just saying…”

“Just a reminder…

It’s hard to enjoy the joke… when you are the joke.”

“Wisdom is one of those pure elements… since I don’t purely understand many things I just stand on the side of social media with a sign asking for direction. B -])”

“I wish that life imitate art… at this moment it imitates bad social media.”

“This is how I spend my precious time while I wait for meaning and happiness… is any of that crap available on ebay… anybody out there know?”

“Watch the mistakes others make and take notes… Trust me, you want to be able to refer to your notes, there’s nothing worst then finding out your repeating all the bad one.”

“To make history truly kind to us, we need to be the ones writing it.”

“I do believe whole heartily that your life flashes before you just like a fast forward movie as you take your last breathe… it’s memories, tastes, sounds, all the emotions felt at once. That’s what we call life. Live it well… because when it happens, you want to savior it.”

“Fantasy is a major food group for the mind… without it we have no beliefs.”

“This is how life is real put together… we’re at a deli with people behind the counter who put things in our sandwiches that we didn’t order. Sometimes that sandwich is good, sometimes it’s bad and sometimes we’re surprise that combination actually works… this is call fate.”

“Never put to memory anything that you can look up on your smartass phone or the internet….”

“It has been said by many that there’s a fine line that separates genius and insanity… someone forgot to draw that line for me.”

“I had a director of a stage show years ago say… “Any actor worth his talent should know how to tie a bow tie.” I quickly learn how to do just that. One day we did a show together and his character had a bow tie, the costumer left one on his chair in the dressing room untied. He came running up to me pleading for help… he didn’t know how to tie it. B -])”

“Humor at its best is impromptu, a brilliant outburst that just happens. It should be unchecked, unexpected, and best when it catches you unaware.”

“I have come to believe that the only real question we should ask is… “What the hell?” The answer to that, just might be the right one.”

“The world at our finger tips and all we can come up with is crazy cat videos? Aspire to more!”

“Be extraordinary… find that passion in yourself to succeed!”

“I like turning to people and saying, “did you know that I can see you?”

“I have found that we liked things better that we don’t understand and the truth is best lost behind the couch.”

“Our lives are enriched by our readership, their lives are enriched by our writing… we make magic happen by sharing the beauty of words and taking you beyond their imagination into yours”

“Every work day I sit at a table of Kindergartners, I’m their School Bus Driver. I pick them up in the lunchroom. I love seeing their faces and eyes brighten up as I walk into the room. Hearing their tales and enjoying their fresh new adventures, the ones we have all lived… but, forgotten. They remind me of a time and place I slowly tried to out grow. That wonder of a rainbow, how milk can run down your chin and that it’s socially okay to wear your food… in public!

Life is simple… it’s the adults in us that gets in the way of enjoying it all.”

“We weep… yet have no words that say the right thing. We weep… wishing all to heal. We weep… to free our souls of pain. We weep…”

“Writing is the greatest job in the world, right next to being the captain of the boat on the river Styx. Books ferry people through life…”

“Value the success you make, and make the success valuable to others. Reach out and help people to see that they are worthy of help.”

“Time Travel…

We do it every day, we go to bed or take a nap and wake up in a different time.”

“I have found when I feel dizzy, discombobulated and blue… If I start to breathe again, it works its way out.”

“Really… doesn’t it seem at times that we have been pushed out, and for some “untimely ripped,” into Hell’s waiting room.”

“I have always wondered if the length of a book’s chapters should be directly related to the endurance of our attention span and our bladders.”

“In this world…we are all terminal. None of us will get out of it alive and contrary to some, “those with the most toys don’t win…” they’re just passed on to the next person who will store them away as consolation prizes.”

“I truly care… I hate to see people not reaching their bliss in life. At times that makes me stupid in other peoples minds. I know it makes me look exponentially stupid. But, I’m happy to be thought that stupid… if caring makes me stupid, then I want to push stupid to the millionth power of stupid.”

“It’s the quest, the journey and the lifetime that makes the whole trip worth taking. When you take the journey to near death and see the boat on the river Styx… that is when you find the sweetest part about the quest… it’s about nothing more then taking one more breath, seeing one more smile, smelling one more memory and enjoying the moments we have… just those beautiful moments.”

“I’m beginning to understand that normal is only a cycle on a dryer… and delicate is very close by.”

“Some of us have the great honor to be born weird, some achieve it by vast study, others have the misfortune wonderful magicalness of weirdness thrust upon them. I came by it from a lady who shot out of a lake and threw it at me and said, “there… now you live with it awhile!” Why couldn’t it have been a damn sword… I’d be King of England.”

“A pocket full of dreams and a good imagination is all you need to succeed in life… Plus, winning the lottery would also help.”

“Why I Write… Real life can be boring, the plot lines suck, the dramatic arcs are all in the wrong spots and the dialogue at times is beyond help.”

“The first to go is always the Arts, then books and then learning all together. The cost to entertain and give us (the audience and creative workers) a place where you grow and build a community that lives by making you think, that makes you wonder and that take you beyond their imagination into yours… that is the true gift of learning and education.”

“Magician give you illusions that have the appearance of truth. I’m a writer, an author, a story spinner who gives you truth all wrapped up in a cozy blanket of illusion.”

“I’m not a lunatic, I’m just crazy. It would be a very dull world if I were sane.”

“Life is simple… we wake up and we go to sleep. It’s the busy stuff we do in between that cause so much issues. Most of us have this huge capacity to take it all to serious and that is why procrastination is the solution.”

“Each has their taste… what is bitter to one, is a feast to another.”

“It takes a chunk of your life to write a book and the rest to market it!”

“If Shakespeare’s right and all the world’s a stage and we are merely players… then many of us are way under rehearsed.”

“I have come to believe that chocolate is the universe’s way of apologizing for reality.”

“If I came with a warning label… it would read at the end, “rinse and repeat.”

“I have always wonder if that other person in that mud puddle looking back at me is the true reality, and I’m just the reflection. And maybe it’s wise for little children to jump and splash in those puddles to protect our reality.”

“I’m a genius… which means I have command of the most wonderful useless information in the world. BUT, I KNOW HOW TO USE IT FOR GOOD… (in a whispered tone) and for evil. Maaawww ha ha haaaaaaaaa (Cough, cough and wheezes.)”

“We have now left the way stations of reason and sanity. Next stop, Hangouts On Air with RAKESTRAW BOOK DESIGN LIVE EVENTS!”

“I have never made up a story, built a plot line or engineered a tale through the process of rational thinking… I get it all from my Swiss cheese mind or maybe it’s the lutefisk I eat as a child.”

“My style of humor and joking is to stay near the truth. It’s the funniest and safest way to tell a joke in the world.”

“Coming up with an original idea… can’t be too hard. Just look at all the books published every year!”

“One of my great insights is… everyone dies, just give them time. Which is really cool… because I will finally get that great parking spot!”

“I should never be left to my own devices, I tend to start thinking for myself…”

“Dream the story. Put it to paper or screen. Edit it. Re-edit it. Rewrite it. Edit again. Hopefully publish it. Spin it. Make it a tasty dish to market. Dream another. Create!”

“There is nothing in the world more contagious then the flu and the common cold… well, you can throw in laughter and even good humor too.”

“Laughter makes life worth living… that and chocolate!”

“When I’m told, “you should mind your manners…” Which I have been told a few times to many in my life. I always wonder where my manners have wander off to and just how much fun are they having and when do I get to join them?”

“I have heard it said that, “Laughter is the sound of the soul dancing.” My soul either has two left feet or its been break dancing…”

“You can’t buy or put a price on love, so I have been told. But, I’ve see a lot of people try to get it wholesale or on the cheap. Love is priceless and all it truly cost… is returning it with interest!”

“Humor is when reason goes completely mad. It’s when absurdity is the only true answer…”

“I went over to eBay to see if you can buy wisdom and see the going rate. All I could find was some wisdom teeth.”

“The older I get, the idea of getting more wisdom seem wildly unreasonable… though I do notice more aches and pains. If I truly had gained more wisdom, you’d think I would have figured out how to grow old more youthfully!”

Publishing hasn’t changed… ever since human have sketched stuff on a cave wall, people want storytelling, and the storyteller’s have always craved a readership. That is still that fantastic need and want. The change is really the canvas we work on… computers, tablets and smartphones.

Tell us your story…”

“People are going to Google and social networks for answers to their questions. The question for us is… will you be there to answer it?”

“When I write… I see movies in my head, same thing happens when I read too. Actually, In my life I have seen some bad movies, so bad their good… I love how they were actually green lighted. Nowhere along the way of filming that crap someone didn’t stop and say, “why in the f@#k didn’t we pull the plug and run.” I love great films too… ‘The Shawshank Redemption,’ ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ ‘Amadeus’ and such… for God’s sake, you see one of those and throw your hands in the air and say, “I’m not even going to try.” But bad movies on the other hand, that’s like winning the lottery… if that got green lighted and went to DVD, I have a chance!

I know I can write some pretty crappy stuff that might turn out to be so bad that it’s good… maybe it will even become a cult classic.

We can only dream…”

“If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed myself to an institution, wrote a book and made millions… Damn, why didn’t I think of that years ago!”

“These are the trinity of sexy… (for me anyway.) Intelligence, a sense of humor and sensitivity. But a wicked sense of humor… makes all the difference!”

“Humor can be thought of as our greatest blessing… and the most slicing and biting social commentary we have.”

“Common sense is a second cousin of a sense of humor. They just move in different family circles. A sense of humor is just like common sense, it just wears a lampshade.”

“The craft of writing is a creativity endeavor and a business… how we approach each part make a huge difference in how we see ourselves as writers and as business owners. It takes many hats to get a book on someone’s shelves.”

“I have found that to succeed we really need to have fun doing so… anything less and we give up to soon.”

“Getting your book ready to publish is an Odyssey worthy of Homer himself…

We few, we band of brothers and sisters who have dared to take on this quest… know the fun, beauty and hair pulling joy of such an epic!”

“Writers should create living people for us to read about, we need to read and write in the world of the living… writers need to experience the world. Step away from the keyboard and soak in the world around you.

Then get back to writing… I need more stories to read.”

“I always see a movie in my mind while I’m writing. Mostly because movies are active and the story-line has to keep moving… this helps me to keep my writing active and moving toward the climax. But, because of that I get really hungry for popcorn.”

“There’s this huge relationship between writing and reading… writers remember it’s our job to compel the reader to turn the page and discover the story.

Readers remember to feel the soul of writers by reading their books and blogs.”

“Liberty of thought is one of the hallmarks of a good and free Imagination and is a most precious possession to hold.”

“When mentoring, I strive to maximize human potential. I look for the that spark of greatness that’s in each and everyone of us… we all have potential.”

“Mentoring is that brain to pick, an ear that listens, and that push towards greater understanding and wonderment!”

“Life hands us the people we need… we just need to remember to allow them their growth and discovery.”

“Multi-screen digital space is now leading our conversations… we who grab this new media will lead!”

“Time is the hardest enemy and the best ally we have…”

“True creativity doesn’t stand in lines and wait to be told if you measure up… it grabs you by your soul and invades your life!”

“Grammar even knows how to control and vex Kings, Queens and English Teachers!”

“Discovery is the main ingredient of good searching for me… a feast fit for a broader researcher!”

“It’s not the number of eyes, it’s the right eyes.”

“Social media today not only shares the news with us… we also driving the news…”

“I thought social media was about me, me, me… but, it seems to be about them, them, them!”

“Live for today, build for a better future and rejoice for the past you have lived.”

“I’m a ancient soul… with a young heart.”

“Debating is the death of all conversations. We close our minds and look for ways to win… ”

“A true conversation asks for no winners… it only wants to breathe life into social interaction!”

“We all have the same amount of time in a day… the only difference is how we use it!”

“We share ideas… we share dreams… we share hope… we share our time… we share!”

“We walk a new path everyday… we may use the same old feet, but they still have new meaning!”

“A sense of humor makes me enjoy my sanity… green jello helps too.”

“To life we owe our respect… but for ourselves we demand tribute!”

“Writers, we are content creators, it is what we do best!”

“We need to manifest opportunity into the gifts we need and want for ourselves in this new season.”

“To love someone is to hear the song of their soul and then sing in harmony with them!”

“Reading is a long silent conversation.”

“Be extraordinary… find that passion in yourself to succeed! You owe yourself that!”

“Don’t spend time chasing your tail around in circles. If you catch your tail… all you get is a mouth full of fur and a sore tail.”

“I’m more than a number… I’m a human being!”

“Our lives are being run by stupid algorithms more and more… how we fit the numbers counts more then who we are and the value they give us.”

“Listening to you audience is one thing… actually hear them is another. We want what we want, but sometimes we have to take what we are given…”

“Do we wait for circumstances to force our life choices, or do we take action, and in doing so… live!”

“I love entertaining, engaging and being enlighten by my friends (those wonderful audiences)… a life-time of creativity is a gift I live every day.”

“Creativity is one of those highfalutin words for the magic I do… writing, hosting Hangouts and vlogging!”

“Our creative minds dream into life the objects we love.”

“Creativity is already there… we merely have to will it up.”

“When creativity becomes the norm for the world, creative people will become the norm.”

“For me… creativity is the first steps towards a solution to the problem at hand!”

“I live with my creativity rushing forward in high gear.”

“A true conversation lives… where humor has more worth than wit and listening more weight than knowledge”

“My favorite way to have a beautiful day is having a great meal and a brilliant conversation.”

“Don’t you just hate how logic and facts get in the way of a conversation flow…”

“Creativity is born out of the unexpected…”

“I believe that a large part of creativity is group, or community based. That is why you will see art communities out there… a place where we can grow with our creativity. Be it art, sciences, math, engineering, etc. It is the group dynamic that fosters the soul to create.”

“Creativity is the magical way we connect things…”

“Life is to short to spend it behind doors and wishing we had just open it one more time.”

“Creativity is inherit in our genes… it’s a blessing bestowed by angels.”

“Creativity is the food of innovation… we should strive to instill it in all the people around us!”

“I just follow the flow of my creativity… it has always been a wild ride!”

“The greatest part of creativity is boldly walking towards the cliff… and then jumping.”

“Are we saying that not everyone has the ability to be creativity or are we actually saying that not everyone has the ability to be original with their creativity?”


“Are we stifling creativity by putting it on a schedule? NOW, BE CREATIVE!”

“I gave up thinking years ago. Thinking is the death of being creative. It makes you all self-conscious, and no one likes being self-conscious. We can’t just try to be creative. We simply just be…”

“Dare yourself to be more, to dream and then to create. Courage gives birth to brilliance, potential and an enchanting existence.”

“I never though I would sit on my couch at 50 years of age and text people…

Nor get my news, weather, income from a typewriter hybrid with a TV screen!

I read Future Shock back in the 1970’s and I don’t remember anything about the internet or a network like this… I do wonder where the flying cars are and the trips to Mars for a weekend of golf and family entertainment?”

“Well… Romeo and Juliet’s love caused a lot of people to suffer, die and torn up a city. They were the Bonnie and Clyde of their time. I like to dwell on the simple love of Irene Adler (The Woman) and Sherlock Holmes… ;-]”

“I never stand in the way of creativity or sharp weapons!!!!”

“Once you understand your limitations, you can do many wonderful things!”

“The Internet…

It’s an area of great knowledge, wisdom and insight…. plus it’s full of lies, damn lies and somebody else’s truth.”

“When your mind and body are at their quietest, that is when our highest self, our Spirit does its greatest work. We can lift our thoughts and energy to a higher realm of being. Always find time to seek this place of beautiful solitude. Listen for that small, quiet, and nearly silent inner voice of the greater self as it speaks of truth, of beauty, and of your greatness!”

“It takes part of our life to write a book and the rest of it to market that book!”

“We all have our challenges and they’re all huge… because they are happening to you!”

“What the hell is a vacation… is that what they call the time between getting out of bed and walking to the computer?”

“I don’t own a Smartphone… neither iPhone nor an Android be!”

“Words have great power… how we use them can build worlds or stop a heart beat!”

“We can be a powerful force for change… we just have to choose to make a difference!”

“There is no post too small, no post too bold. The history of social media is the history of 100’s of millions of people posting, small and large, coming together at this points in history and empowering the masses. This is a power that governments cannot suppress. They will try and we the masses will find ways to post and to engage!”

“It’s not the strongest that survive, it’s not the smartest, but the one who can change the fastest.”

“I have loved and been loved (actually it’s love… like right now), I have lost, seen death, lived with fear and hate… missed changes and people, I have hurt some and been hurt by others. I have trusted and been trusted. I have seen humankind at its best and worst…

…and out of it all I have Lived.”

“I don’t make it my task to fix the whole world, but I do try to heal those parts of the world that are within my small reach.”

“Never suspect the truth to be apparent… always dig deeper.”

“We have a tremendous opportunity to build a brighter future for our world, all we have to do is picture it and make it so…”

“Our emotional attachment to our beliefs give us faith… but it can limits us also. Which keeps us from seeing more of the world around us.”

“The more we choose both fluidity of intelligence and transparency, we allow learning and positive change on many levels of our lives. This allows us to make better choices which serve both ourselves and the beautiful world in which we live.”


“Poverty isn’t the true issue… it’s how we blame people for being in poverty. That it’s somehow a life style that people choose and it angers us that they dare to need help.”

“In life compassion is a good start… understanding is the next and then hopeful action thrown in for good measure!”

“Theatre was a great way to grow in to my adulthood! I met so many wonderful people doing all those show, from Shakespeare to Musical Comedy. Follow your dreams everyone and you will never be disappointed!”

“Dare to dream! Plus, dream to dare…. We owe it to ourselves to reach for the stars!!”

“I think it funny how after 100 years of phone technology we have gone full circle back to the telegraph (text messaging). Everything old is new again!!!!!”

“Success is no mystery. It’s no ‘out of reach fairy tale’ that is only accessible by some. It’s time, staying power and faith in oneself!”

“The magic of life is that it’s all about a love spell from your heart!”

“GO FOR YOUR DREAMS and more… and don’t’ stop at anything until you’ve reached them.”

“Fear is CRIPPLING to us all!”

“The POTENTIAL to create literally anything you want in life is ALREADY inside of you. You merely need to “Mold” it into FORM. You do that through consistent practice, and consistent action. The more time you put into “Molding” your innate potential into anything you want… the more POWERFUL you will become!”

“I laugh in the face of fear… then run like hell!”

“Your success absolutely has to come from the fire you have inside… that’s the magic!”

“Love, we have to teach people, hate just comes naturally! Please take the time to teach love to all you meet.”

“Life… for the lack of a better word is wonderful! We just need to be open to all the possibilities.”

“When you run from something make sure you are not going to run into something even worse!”

“Change Your Double SOB (that’s BOSS Backwards!) Looking for that magical something that will change your life? It’s not magic! Join the Quest…”

“Follow your dreams everyone and you will never be disappointed!”

“Money is only green here in the States. Around the world it’s a rainbow of colors… Wealth knows no colors only numbers!!!”

“To listen is the greatest gift of all!”

“You know what women really want in bed? A good pillow! A good back rub! Their side of the bed! Someone to be there every night! To be listen to! Come on Ladies tell us guys what you really badly want in bed? I hope we men will be smart enough to listen.”


I remember reading or hearing an interview with Bill Cosby (The Cosby Show, Storyteller and Comedian) some years ago. He was asked how he had become so successful on TV. At that time he was doing The Cosby Show, which was always in the top ten. He stated the usual things: good writing, good cast and being in the right place at the right time.

Then he mentioned how a few years before all this he ran into a young man who told him where he was going wrong with the branding of himself. Mr. Cosby looked at that upstart and asked, “what is it that I’m doing wrong?”

That young upstart looked into Mr. Cosby’s eyes and told him he keeps renting himself out to the highest bidder. What he needed to do was OWN what “Bill Cosby” did! If you own it… It’s yours, you have control! All I can tell you is that Mr. Cosby became a very wealthy man and control his brand after that talk.

The point being… You need to OWN your traffic and branding.”

“LOL… It’s Good For The Soul!”


“Remember if you can’t laugh at yourself, someone else will!”

“Hey you… over there by the computer machine… how come they call it a keyboard and not a typing-board. Plus . if it’s a keyboard… why can’t we type in the keys to happiness or life! Keyboard my foot… I can’t even find the locks that they work on! I was just saying.”

“Keyboarding… Is That Like Hangin’ Ten?”

“I was thinking… I know, here he goes again!

But really… You know the old saying. “give a person a fish and they eat for one day, but teach them to fish and you feed them forever!” Well.. how do the fishermen, the fishmongers and all the retail outlets feel about that!

Maybe that’s why Walmart sells both fish and fishing supplies. It just makes you wonder.”

“Lives with no purpose is like Hershey without chocolate, it meaningless!”

“We need to give our lives a kick start and give ourselves a passionate purpose. That will fuel you to reach that greater self and that greater goal!”

“Time is man made, the seasons are nature made… We need to get back to our connection with nature and the cycles of life. Our lives flow like a river, but we dam the river flow of our lives with regrets and should haves!”

“People will quickly forget what you say, they will forget how you did it, but… the way you make them feel stays with them a lifetime. Make those feelings the best you can give!”

“Marketing on Social Media can be a bear… don’t feed the wrong ones!”

“The written word has been the magic of authors for centuries.”

“Self-awareness is the glue that gives all personal development it’s understanding, the processes that helps us all achieve our goals. We are in charge of our minds and of our results. When we reach beyond our limits, we grab our potential!”

“Traffic, traffic, traffic everywhere! Why does it pass me by?”

“If a picture is worth a 1000 words, what’s radio worth?”

“Are your surroundings slowly suffocating your soul? Maybe you need a quest? Time to just be you… sometimes we rush to much and don’t stop to look at our toes! Be sane today…”

“90% of life is just showing up… that last 10% is what makes giants of us all.”

“Murder is a messing business… one stray hair and all is lost”

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