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I’m giving away my time FREE… with a mini course of LIVING THE ROLE. These are acting tutorials for building a living character… Santa!

One of the most powerful lessons for all actors alike, is to understand the importance of owning the space. When that happens, we’re saying to the people around us; our audience, the cast and director… is that we truly belong. That we believe in our value and give ourselves every opportunity to be of great service and be one of the expert that helps make that event/show a success. The best part of this is it allows others to have a positive impression of your acting.

When we fail to control and feel uncomfortable in the space that we are working in… we are unconsciously letting the people around us, our audience and the cast around us know that we lack confidence. That we give the impression that we don’t matter and that we are lacking.

What does it mean to be a actor that owns the space?

It is about being able to walk into a room, an event or on stage with certainty. We carry a magic magnetic aura and a presence where people notice our character, our energy. It is most times intangible, but when you have it and they can feel and sense it… you are golden.

There’s also those time when you’re missing it, you don’t have the magic working and definitely doing yourself and the audience a huge disservice. You get lost in the crowd or even worse, people may form a less than positive impression of your acting and character. It is disempowering and your ability to have influence is hugely impacted. If we are to be noticed, to be taken seriously, to be seen as worthy… it all starts with each of us imparting the impression of ownership both physically and metaphorically.

Have you ever noticed someone who appears to be doing everything they can to take up as little space as possible? They appear to shrink and tuck themselves into the corners of the room as if hoping they will not be noticed. We as actors we need to strike a “powerful pose” where we walk tall, stand with intent, or sit and command the space. We need to be active in the space.

So the question is… “Do you own your space?”

Here are some ways you can step into Owning Your Space.

1. Before you enter the space make the decision that you belong.

Your dynamic ownership comes off as “BEING WORTHY.” You are the expert of being your character, your brilliant presence comes from a decision that you are worthy as a actor and that you belong on that stage or at that event. Make the decision right now to always believe that you belong and that your opinion matters. When you believe in you… that makes it so much easier for others to believe in you and want to follow your character. They want to believe in your character… even better yet, they want to believe in you!

2. Don’t fall into the trap of judging yourself against others. I’m guilty of this… judging myself against others from time to time… and from my experience, it rarely ends well. We are unique and bring with us our very own set of skills, abilities and characteristics. Allow what is special about you to shine forth, let it grow and became your “SPECIAL YOU.” Nurture your strengths and bring the best of you to your magical talents.

3. Develop your acting presence is a must as character on stage/screen/internet. Enter each situation with the belief that you belong and bring with you that wonderful sense of positive energy. How you feel on the inside will radiate powerfully on the outside. The spirit of creativity is your badge of power. Being in your creative center gives you an edge… use it to control the gig and make the magic work for you and the people there. Their good will helps you.

Own your space. Love the power that is you and all the wonder that comes with it. You are a special gift. Your living character is unique. The brilliant magic of creativity is always at your hands. Own it, breath it and LOVE IT!

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