Santa For Hire

Santa for hire should be one of those magickal moments… “I Saw Santa!”

Santa For Hire

My magic goal is to provide you with the world’s most authentic, real-bearded
Father yule / Father Christmas / Santa for hire.

Santa For Hire

I work hard to provide an unique Santa experience for your whole family. My Santa is available all year long. I have a wide variety of entertaining packages.

Kids can be straight shooters so I’m always ready for any number of off the wall questions like… what’s your favorite reindeer? How do you fit down my chimney when I don’t have one? What happens if your sleigh breaks down? Where do you go in the summer? Or how do you travel around the entire world in one night? I always have to be on my creative toes and be in character. Plus, you never know when one of the kids will yank your beard.

Making Christmas Memories

Kid’s from 1 to 92+ years of age remember the magic of Santa Claus at Christmas. My Santa’s is dressed in a beautiful, unique Father Christmas suit and I make sure that I have a twinkle in my eye and my belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly.

I’m an experienced professional entertainer who is comfortable with all kinds of events, from corporate special events to kids parties, mall appearances, Holiday Parades and much more.

A Visit From Santa Claus

Don’t underestimate the magic a real-bearded Santa can bring to any event. Even adults who get to sit on Santa’s lap turn into kids again. My Santa is available throughout Eugene, Springfield, Salem, Corvallis, Albany, Lebanon, Coburg, Pleasant Hill, Jasper and the Portland Oregon area.

I proudly assist charities with their Santa Solutions. They say that charity starts at home and since I go to every home in the world… charity must start with me!

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