Character Improv: Living the Moments

Character Improv | Living the Part | Introduction | Monologues | Tools of the Trade | Owning the Space | Voicing the Character | Roleplaying the Character

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Character Improv has a yearly fee, or a monthly fee to be a member. We will meet once a month to development better creativity and acting skills through improv, singing, storytelling, spontaneity and to build a greater sense of being a 3D character!

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$75 yearly fee

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Character Improv is a fun introduction to the joys and thrills of improvisation. John Rakestraw’s Improv Method is one where we study a story-driven improv. My improve style is more focused on the all-too-human condition called living in our times. We look out over the “real” world and feel its pains, its joys and the imaginable beauty. My improv is not a laugh a moment comedy sketch, but more of true life moments full of humor. We combined the power to explore the wonders of acting and the skills that build a creative center, such as character development, singing, storytelling, and most importantly spontaneity. We improv a slices of life in a safe, friendly atmosphere.

Through the fun act of playing, exploring, and experimenting with creative concepts, I help to guided the my students with their innate talents.

Imagination is our vehicle and fun learning is our destination.

The magic “if” is the tool of choice… if I was in that situation, how would I react?

Crazy Characters and Wacky Situations Make Improv… NO!

When most actors start learning improvision, they believe it needs to be full of these crazy characters and wild and wacky situations. But the reality is that good dramatic comedy and slice of life drama comes from living a truth on stage. Play to the truths of the scene.

Life is a Team Sport… Build those Relationships

Improv is a team-sport, as is your work and your life relationships. To have a successful improv scene, you must connect to the other players and focus on the relationships. It’s easy to forget about this when we are trying to make a sale or talking to our significant others.. “real” life is about relationships and connections. Be a team player and share the moments.

Make it About That Moment… The Here and Now

Watching two people reminisce about their history or listen as they talk about their future plans can sound boring… but in real life we do sit there and enjoy a shared history and a hope for a brilliant future, the big difference is we’re those characters sharing that stuff. Just make it interesting. Life is one moment after another moment. By focusing on the here and now we start to take control and experience life, instead of missing those brilliant moments.

Life’s biggest mystery is trying to understand why you’re playing the game… is it to win?

As an improv person… one of the most important beliefs is you have to reveal your characters inner deep motivation. Ask yourself “Why in the heck are you living this scene?” “What’s the motivation?” and “why should I care?”

Always be surprised by the reaction of others… just listen and react.

We start to formulate our answer to any question long before the question mark show up across the person head… way before they even finished asking. We stopped listening way make at the beginning and we started thinking about our response. Totally missing the true point of what is being said. If you want to be a better communicator, stop jumping ahead and thinking you know where they are going with the conversation and start listening to what is actually being said. Listen!

It Doesn’t Matter What the Scene is… as Long as You’re Buying it, The Rest Will Too.

At the Karaoke Bar, you don’t have to be the best singer, you just have to sell it. For years I got good parts in musicals. Better parts then some people with music degrees. They would sit there backstage wondering why a guy who read a little music, only played a kazoo and didn’t even have a beautiful singing voice got better parts then them? Because I live the song. I sell it. You’ll always find much better success by giving it your all and selling it. Live the moments… sell it baby!

It better to make a choice… then just stand there dumbfounded

Since everything in improv is made up right then and there… you just have to make a decision and go for it. Once you make a decision, it’s up to you and the others in the scene to make it all work. Make a choice and then own it.

When in doubt… always go for having fun!

Just before I do most things in my life. I remind myself that life is fun… when in doubt, choose fun.