Santa Leads By Being In Front

Santa Leads By Being In Front of the group, not by pushing from behind…

Santa Leads By Being In Front

Being the boss can be overwhelming at times. The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus…

The sign in Santa’s workshop says “The Toys Don’t Make Themselves, The Elves Make The Love That Goes Into Making The Toys”. Here are some of his strategies:

• Make the most of time. Teach time management skills to all key employees. Time is a great resource.
• Shop for the best price on materials, supplies and services, not just products. Save where it helps the most… not just your own pocket.
•Always make the most of employee talent and expertise. They are your best asset!
•Involve the people with knowledge in the decisions. Always go to the people near you for the best answers.
•Improve employee expertise through additional training. Santa Leads By Being In Front… mentoring is the greatest schooling any business can spend its money and time on.
•Encourage employees to share their knowledge with each other.
•Consider brainstorming sessions to encourage new ideas. Open the doors and the minds of the business and grow.
•When possible, consider cross-training and even “job swap” to enable employees to see how other job positions operate and their obstacles to deal with… letting the right hand know what the left hand does gives them both power and strength.
•Recognize the importance of recognition and rewards.

Finally, remember Santa isn’t in this all by himself, open the doors and talk to the people around you. Get feedback, and love the work. We all want to love… we only get love back when we send it out.

Santa Leads By Being In Front…

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