Santa’s Closet

Santa's Closet, Full closet

Santa’s Closet must be a magical place…

I remember hiding away near my parents room as a wee little lad and seeing them put wrapped Christmas presents into their closet. I went back there a few days later to see the present and maybe get a peek at my gift. They weren’t there… I then started to look under their bed– nothing! I searched the whole house and found nothing. It slowly dawned on me that there must be a magical link or portal to Santa’s closet. Parents must have a system of buying and then sending the gifts off to Santa through a transporter in their closets. Then on Christmas Eve Santa brings them all back to us.

Santa's ClosetSanta’s closet would be the greatest place to get a cool present from. For years I tried to figure out how the closet magic worked. I would step inside my parents’ closet and try to be transported to Santa’s. It never worked. I read all kind of books on magical transportation… the path to Santa’s closet wasn’t revealed.

I kept waiting for the day that I would get the magic password or magic door or magic ring or magic something that would make it possible for my gifts to be transported to Santa’s closet. Nothing…

Then one day I had a child and Christmas time came… I, like all the years before, went to my closet and put my child’s gift up on a shelf behind some other boxes and there before my eyes I saw two hands come out of thin air and take my child’s gift right before my very eyes. I grabbed ahold of the gift and got pulled along with it. I found myself in a huge closet full of gifts and Santa’s suits. I just stood there looking at all the brilliant things and then noticed the Jolly Old Elf standing there with my child’s gift. He was smiling at me.

“Ho, ho, ho. Good to see you, John. Your child’s first Christmas, that’s so magical!” said Santa. “Welcome to my closet.”

I just stood there looking at him and all the gifts and was spellbound. I finally got my voice to work and thanked Santa for all the wonderful gifts.

“You wonderful parents get the gifts. I just store them here until that special day and then deliver them back to you,” said Santa.

“Is the magic of the closet working now because I have a child?” I asked.

“The magic happens when you love the person you’re giving a gift to with all your heart. The magic has always been with you… all you needed was someone to love and care for and wanted to share your love of the Holidays with. You carry the Christmas spirit with you all year long. Live the magic and pass it along to your child.”

“Will I ever get another chance to see this closet again?”

“There will come a time when I will ask you to join my band of Yule guards… they help me keep the Holidays alive and full of love. Your day will come, but first you need to help your children and all the children you see that Christmas is a year-long celebration. We must feel its wonder and love every moment of our lives.”

“Thank you for letting me finally see your closet,” I said.

“You are most welcome and I hope it was as magical for you as you wished it to be. Time for you to go back and enjoy the Holidays with your family. I will get back to you when the time is right and you are ready to share your brilliant gifts with all the children where you live,” said Santa.

“I look forward to that day,” I said.

I stepped back out of the closet and was in my room once again. I looked back at the closet and all the stuff I had in there and knew one day I would be a part of the Holiday season as one of Santa’s Yule Guards. I will live up to the great spirit of Christmas.

Now my time has come…

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