Santa’s Smile… is Worth a 1000 Words

Santa’s smile, the flash goes off… were you ready?

Santas Smile

Santa’s smile should brighten a room!

Always be ready with the perfect Santa’s smile? That’s your job, “to be ready”, after you’ve said your hellos and got them all posed properly. That’s when it’s easy to have the smile of our face. But there are smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras all over. We need to keep that smile going from the moment we walk in to the time we walk out.

One of the biggest reasons many Santa Claus’ are NOT picked by the clients out there for their Christmas events, (whether it’s a home visit or a huge advertising campaign, is YOUR SMILE. (It’s not your beard!)

How does your smile look at those Christmas gatherings?

Santa's Smile

In a way it a lot like a beauty contest… a new clients or even getting those great returning clients to selecting you as their Santa Claus for their Christmas gathering, is most often based upon what they see… the visual appearance.

Becoming a great Santa Claus should always start on the INSIDE, but a client selecting a Santa Claus at best is very subjective. The little things all add up.

Is your mustache hiding your smile? You could by chance be looking more like a walrus than a Santa Claus. Your mustache should always give the long distance outline of a smiley face… not drawn downward,
bringing the attention UPWARDS towards those brilliant sparkling eyes.

Not getting the gig shouldn’t be because your smile wasn’t there or seen.

The biggest investment in your great Santa Claus for hire business, should be your brilliant smile!

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