Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunt… Let’s have a Fun Party together

Scavenger Hunt

The fantastic way our Scavenger Hunts for kids, teens & adults works is that the whole group gets into the hunt. It’s a great way for everyone to go on an adventure as soon as they open the Scavenger Hunt box. There are two sets of 30 tasks envelopes, one is for playing indoors, and the other is for outdoors. This way the game can be played no matter how the weather is behaving during your celebration!

This Family FUN Scavenger Hunt is a birthday party game, or a brilliant afternoon activity. It doesn’t matter if it’s a team of kids, teens, or adults, everyone is guaranteed to have a great time tracking down objects or doing the activities!

Are you ready to scavenge and play hard… and have the time of your life? Get the party started with a brilliant interactive Scavenger Hunt.

scravenger hunt
The hunt is on!

Get yourself the Scavenger Hunt in a box, which is set up for you and your guest, your theme idea, 60 tasks envelopes… 30 for that indoor party and 30 for an out door party activities. You can even throw them all together (all 60 envelopes and go for the Extreme Scavenger Hunt Adventure.)  Maybe even go for a few from one set and add a few from the other and have nice mini game.

Scavenger Hunt in the box without Master Detective John Rakestraw as your LIVE host at the great low price of $75.00 — You can have Master Detective John Rakestraw there LIVE running the Scavenger Hunt Adventure for you and that fee is $150 for the first 1/2 hour and $50 for every 1/2 hour added after that.

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