Scavenger Hunts and Challenges

Scavenger Hunts and Challenges

Scavenger Hunts and Challenges

Here we start… Halloween is in 14 day, 2 weeks from now… so, lets have some pre-party fun. Scavenger Hunt will begaiiiiiiiiiiin……………………….NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#ThrowbackHalloween – Upload a picture of you in a costume from anytime in the past. Use that #ThrowbackHalloween with the pic.

Aspiring Apparition – Creatively represent what you would see if you saw a ghost or if you have ever seen a real ghost… (I have!) \8-}0>

All The Colors Of The Wind – It is spring time in the southern hemisphere and fall in the north. Take a picture of the natural beauty and all the colors its naturally provides us at this time of year in your area. Must be outdoors.

Cool Outside, Warm Inside – Take a picture of your favorite beverage to warm your insides. Extra ooohs if you have it in a really cool cup.

Festival Time – Take a picture of the most unique booth or display at a festival of any type. No festival in your area? The internet is full of them… just tells us why you pick that pic and what the festival is about.

Headless Horseman – This is the season where the Legend of Sleepy Hollow gets dusted off and recreated. Take a picture of your favorite carved pumpkin or other prop from that story. Have fun but don’t cut yourself… be safe!

Hysterical Historical – Plaques and monuments mark all kinds of events. Take a picture of a ‘historical’ marker near you.

I Declare A “THUMB WAR” – Show us your best “thumb war” competition. Video of this would be best and also fun!

To learn more about the Scavenger Hunt posts and Challenges going on until Halloween night at 11:00 PM PT go to this link…

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