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Shakespeare’s A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, staring Father Yule John Rakestraw as Egeus/Peter Quince, in a park on top of a Butte in Eugene Oregon. Skinner’s Butte will be the home of this rousing fantasy.


What a brilliant adventure, where this jolly old elf goes back to his roots in acting and theatre. It will be fun!

The last time I did a stage show and Shakespeare was back in 1998… Richard the Third at The LordLeebrick Theatre in Eugene, Oregon. I played Hastings. It was a good show with the brilliant talent of Patrick Torelle as Richard III & Directed by Chris Pinto. Big cast of wonderful talent.

Looking forward to doing Shakespeare’s A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM in the last part of August and the first part of September. I just hope I can survive the heat and the climb to the top of Skinner’s Butte… I can always just drive up there.

Shows scheduled for August 24th-28th and August 31st- September 4th. Bard on the Butte and under the evening sky!


Successful actors must employ creativity, flexibility, concentration, instinct and skill to create magic on stage and on the screen with all the words and actions they must do. Learning how to infuse the performance (whether as an actor, public speaker or leader) with originality, power, magic and truth. All of those pull you into the real living and breathing character. One that audiences can believe in and wants to watch.

For me, the difference between a believable performance and a performance that we see the talent just ‘acting,’ they are not living the roles and the moments. They are just playing at acting.

For me it’s finding truth with your body, truth with your voice, truth with the emotions of the scene being lived, and bring to life a 3D living character on stage and/or screen. We live each moment in our ‘real’ lives… the same must be done on stage.

Come and join us as we live the Bard’s tale of love, fairies, and a Summer doing Shakespeare’s A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM under the stars, late sun of the day on the top of the Butte.

All directed by the brilliant Rob Newcomer and also with the great talent/teacher from RMS Richard Leebrick as Oberon, King of the fairies.

I’ll give my humble talents to the parts of Egeus, he is an Athenian who tries to keep his daughter, Hermia, from marrying Lysander the man she loves, and then I play, good Peter Quince, he is one of the six (though we may only do three) mechanicals of Athens who perform the play which Quince himself authored, “The Most Lamentable Comedy and Most Cruel Death of Pyramus and Thisbe” for the Duke Theseus and his wife Hippolyta at their wedding day at night!

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