Sherlock Holmes to Broadchurch

Sherlock Holmes to Broadchurch… Our love of a good murder mystery. What if we could make them interactive… where you could actually take part in being a detective. We do it all the time when we watch them on TV or read them… I know I do. I try to match wits with the characters in the stories or on the TV. Sometimes I win… other times I get lost in the red herrings and clues that were meant to throw me off the killer or put me on the wrong path. Over the next few post and stories. I hope to show you how I have made a world where we can become interactive with mysteries.

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But, first I’m going to show you that we can have fun and play with mysteries that just might entertain you.

I will take you through four post…

First: LISTEN! This one.

Second: READ!

Third: WATCH!


sherlock to broadchurch

Here’s a FREE Audio Theatre Murder Mystery for you to enjoy. It’s a way to reward you for reading my post. I hope you take the time and read it ALL.

***Flash in the Pan
by John and Toni Rakestraw
“Where did you even get my story? Are you an internet troll, taking real people’s stories and turning them into twisted tales? I lost my husband, we have kids, bills… and you dare to make money off my pain and make me the main suspect in my husband’s murder,” wrote the irate woman from the internet.

I had no idea who she was or how she fit into my story. I looked up her name, found her on Facebook, saw the article about her poor husband’s murder. My story was very similar to that man’s demise. My main character, the wife who killed her husband… had exactly the same name as the email nut. Even worse, my murder victim had the same name, too! Listen to the story and find out how it all falls into place***

Why do we love a brilliant murder? You can watch them any night of the week on the TV or stream them over the internet and see dastardly deeds done to persons left and right. I hate in any way to trivialize the all to real subject of murder, but we as a viewing audience are fascinated and might even say we enjoy the crime genre… known as murder mysteries.

From the still massive popularity of Sherlock Holmes, introduced by Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887, where you might even find links to Jack the Ripper. The case of “The Ripper,” he goes on his killing spree just around the time that Sherlock Holmes shows up in print. And Jack is a completely new kind of criminal… motiveless, a totally out of control force of evil that cuts an all most surgical death path through all those poor women. In many ways Sherlock Holmes was like the flip side of Jack the Ripper. He to was myistcal in his knowledge, he didn’t like to make friends easily. His has the unfortunate habit of drug abuse. But he was a power for good, for justice… you could rely on Sherlock. He’s like the Ripper’s ‘good twin.’ In a small way that might have helped make his stories stand out and survive the test of time.

Mysteries are fun and thrilling and can push us beyond our thoughts. It’s not so much about good and evil, or whether the villain(s) get caught (because most of the time they do)… what I really think is that people love the way a mystery can make them, the viewing audience, the reader, the listener of the podcast, feel the fear, and the horror and the suspense. It still works today… just look at Broadchurch… its storylines are of a very nasty subject, but it’s still immensely popular.

Please enjoy the FREE Audio Theatre Murder Mystery… Flash in the Pan

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Sherlock Holmes to Broadchurch

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