Snap That Selfie



Snap, Smile, Say Cheese… Never retake a selfie again with these easy tricks for snapping amazing selfies every time.


Have someone else take your picture. Turn to your friend, a family member, even a stranger on the street and have them take your picture. Most times it will be better then the one you would have taken.


Tilt your head at an angle, this brilliant trick highlights your cheekbones and makes your eyes look bigger, which in turn makes them sparkle.


Snap shot in time… Find your perfect light. The right lighting will make your skin look amazing and your hair will glow… try standing next to a window or going outside to take advantage of the natural light. Give yourself every advantage you can.


Find Your Signature Pose. When you feel great, you look great! Find a signature pose that talks of you. That when people see it they know who it is… they scream your name!


Fan Yourself, steal from the fashion mags and use a fan… have a friend grab a folded paper fan and wave it to create that glamorous movement in your hair (just think: light breeze, not tornado.)


Switch Up Your Filters, go for a retro look with a black and white filter, or give your selfie a warm, cool look with a fuzzy golden filter. Use Instagram or apps like that to get those cool effects.

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