Sometimes You Don’t Want The Whole Holiday Thingy

Sometimes you don’t want the whole Holiday thingy this time of year… sometimes you want to change things up… sometimes you just want to leave the Holidays hype behind…


Sometimes you want somting Different for the Holidays

That’s when a Mystery Party just might fit your itch…

The normal way one of our murder mystery events work is there are 4 or more suspects (you pick 4+ people from your group who you believe would be great at roleplaying/acting the part of a possible killer.) The rest of the guest will be detectives (they can even come dressed as their favorite fictional detective.) I play the main detective, Father Yule Master Detective John Rakestraw, which helps keep the mystery party running smoothly and on point.

There’s no limit on the number of guest you can invite to the Mystery Event, so the more the merrier. Good party guest always bring fun, liveliness, and a great sense of festive merriment to a Magical & Murderous Entertaining Event.

I make the mystery as interactive as possible for us all to play.

Murder Mystery Party… The Path To Murderous Fun!

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