Sometimes All You Need Is The Mystery

Sometimes All You Need Is The Mystery Kit…

Sometimes All You Need Is The Mystery

I would love to have a KILLER time with you and your group… but, sometimes all you need is the mystery or the the price to be small and simple or both.

I’ve gotten together with the best Murder Mystery Party Kits writer out there, Jack Pachuta: The Chief Inspector and have his library of murderous party games to add to my killer party fun. These Murder Mystery kits cost the grand low price of $40 to a $100.

They’re downloadable fun… click pay and within mere seconds they are ready to be downloaded into your hands. Murder has never been so easy.

Even if you’ve never hosted a Murder Mystery Party or Mystery Dinner before, Jack Pachuta complete do-it-yourself-murder kits will guide you step by step and stress-free through your brilliant party.

The Captain Morgan Mystery - pirate treasure and Mayan gold
The Captain Morgan Mystery: Mayan Gold and Pirate Treasure!

Downloadable Alaska Murder Mystery Party Kit
This Alaskian Murder is Carved in Stone: The Victims Fate was Written in the Mountains!

Downloadable Las Vegas Murder Mystery Party Kit
Betting on Death: High Kicks and High Speed!

Downloadable Golf Murder Mystery Party Kit
Murder is Par for the Course: Could a Hole in One be a Fatal Event?

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