SPOOKTACULAR Halloween Party Online

SPOOKTACULAR Halloween Party!

SPOOKTACULAR Halloween Party

You don’t want to miss the BEST DAMN HALLOWEEN PARTY EVER this year! How many parties have Father Yule the fame storyteller and his scary mystery tale of ‘One Dead Body to Many,’ though just one might be too many for some! The music is the best and your favorite because it what you’re playing at your house. You don’t have to get dressed up (or you could, that would be fun… though you could just find that real cool costume online and paste your head on it.)

This amazing party will have a Costume contest, (the winner will get a free video chat or call from Father Yule ‘aka Santa’ for the Christmas Season, a $30 value.’) There will be an online Scavenger Hunt, a DIY ‘you video yourself singing’ Karaoke, make your favorite umbrella drink and so much more…

Come join the fun HERE on the internet and Facebook LIVE Halloween Night… it will be Spooktacular!

This is going to be one of the best SPOOKTACULAR Halloween Party of all time… you might even have a KILLER time…

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