St. Patrick’s Day Murder Mystery Party Fun

St. Patrick's Day Murder Mystery Party Kit

St. Patrick’s Day Murder Mystery Fun… the wearin’ of the green!

Murder Most Green: Did the luck of the Irish run out?

The grand citizens of Blarney are invited to a St. Patrick’s Day party to honor Patrick Flaherty, owner of Flaherty’s True Green Plant Nursery. When they arrive, they find out that Flaherty had died the previous night after a celebration of the nursery’s centennial year.

Instead of a party, the guests are attending Flaherty’s wake, the likes of which would make Ireland proud. Family members and acquaintances pay their respects to Flaherty and, in the process, drop hints that Flaherty’s death might be more than accidental.

Flaherty’s True Green Plant Nursery has been serving the Blarney area for the last 100 years since Pader Flaherty, the nursery’s founder, built a greenhouse to grow plants that thrived in his native Ireland.

Through the years, operations expanded and, 10 years ago, Pader’s grandson Patrick became majority owner of a business that is still family-run. Today, Flaherty’s is a major producer of shamrocks, supplying the entire area with the plant, especially for the “wearin’ of the green.”

Although rumors persist that all is not well, the family has maintained an outward calm, denying all rumors of a rift. The business seemed to be going well until Patrick Flaherty’s body was found in the pond at the nursery. Who would want to plant Patrick in a watery grave? And why is security so intense at the nursery? It would take a special brand of Gaelic gall to crack the case.

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