It’s always fun to see their expression when they realize they did it (and not the butler)!

Best fun you can have at a KILLER party is a mystery to solve… It’s St. Paddy’s Day and the wearing of green is the call of the day… Eileen Sullivan, the Irish actress whose fame extends to both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, was the star attraction at the Killarney Lake Theatre last night […]

How This Is Different Than Buying A Murder Mystery Game Box And Hosting Myself

Just food for thought… here’s an analogy for you… You could hire a comedian for an evening of great entertainment, or just go and buy a book of jokes for $15 to $20 and read it out loud to your guests. Yes, it’s cheaper and you get jokes, but not the entertainment you would have […]

Oregon Mystery Parties are Killer Fun!

Oregon mystery parties are killer fun and Murderously brilliant to play… We offer funfilled minutes of interactive murder mystery sleuthing. Your corporate teams or friends & family party together to solve the crime and capture the killer! With the WHO DON’T IT? Mystery Company, we customize our event to make your killer mystery party one […]

You Got the Gig! [Client’s Name] Booked You on Gigsalad

You Got the Gig! Some of my favorite email and text notes is… [Client’s Name] booked you on Gigsalad. Now it’s time to write the Murder Mystery Event script. The group picks a theme, this group went with the Wild West one. I have a general outline for each theme and from there I add […]

What Is The Best Murder mystery Party For You?

What is the best murder mystery party for you and who is the best detective to run your KILLER PARTY? So you want to host a murder mystery dinner party. But which one is best for you? Choosing a murder mystery might seem simple – you just pick one that sounds fun, right? – but […]

Have The Best Murder Mystery Event

My name is John Rakestraw, but many of my clients simply call me The Master Detective or Father Yule (Santa). For three decades, I’ve been entertaining groupes at events. Why not tap into my brilliant mystery party experience and Holiday fun and let me create an event for you that will be talked about for […]

Host a Murder Mystery dinner show anywhere in the US for corporate events, private events, colleges, holiday parties and more.

Host a Murder Mystery dinner show anywhere in the US for corporate events, private events, colleges, holiday parties and more. Who Done IT? is a family owned and operated entertainment party and event Murder Mystery Interactive Game. We are large enough to handle any task, but small enough to give our clients the care, respect […]

St. Patrick’s Day Murder Mystery Party Fun

St. Patrick’s Day Murder Mystery Fun… the wearin’ of the green! Murder Most Green: Did the luck of the Irish run out? The grand citizens of Blarney are invited to a St. Patrick’s Day party to honor Patrick Flaherty, owner of Flaherty’s True Green Plant Nursery. When they arrive, they find out that Flaherty had […]

Have a Killer Valentine’s Day

A killer Valentine’s Day with chocolate! Murder Mystery Event for Valentine’s Day… A heart is fragile and unforgiving! Love Writes a Deadly Verse Mysteries of love and and the heart… have a murderous party for Valentine’s Day this year. Click on the link below and get that killer mystery to play. Roses are red […]

In Oregon, Here’s Where to Get Your Mystery Kits

In Oregon, Master Detective John Rakestraw, Who Do IT? is one of the best Murder Mystery Event host. Are you looking for brilliant entertainment for the Holidays, Group Building, Corporate Parties, a Birthday or Just getting friends and family together for that FUN time. That’s what we’re all about… Master Detective for Hire… the quest […]