Talk To Santa: Brilliant Holiday Gift

Talk To Santa: Here’s a Wonderful and Brilliant Gifts for Christmas and the Holidays…. Santa Video Chats or Phone Calls are a great way to connect with that Jolly Old Elf, Father Yule John! Remember that Santa’s a busy Elf and you need to get on the schedule Talk To Santa early. Your easy cost […]

Talk to Santa Face to Face Online

Talk to Santa Face to Face Online | A Welcome | Rants of Creative Empowerment | My YouTube | My Books | Rakestraw Book Design You schedule a chat with Santa John and your kids can then began their video conference with Santa at the scheduled time. No more long lines at the mall. Talk […]

Bushy Bearded Santa

Bushy Bearded Santa, because not all hair on the face is created equal. Beards are like people they grow in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some are wonderfully short and well-kept, others are long and wispy, some irreparably patchy and then there’s the other kind… Bushy! Today, we’re here to talk about the fuller […]

Santa For Hire

Santa for hire should be one of those magickal moments… “I Saw Santa!” My magic goal is to provide you with the world’s most authentic, real-bearded Father yule / Father Christmas / Santa for hire. I work hard to provide an unique Santa experience for your whole family. My Santa is available all year long. […]