How to be a Flawed DnD Character

Flaws change the PCs story and its tone. The whole picture of your character changes for the group and the DM. The big questions are how to be flawed? How many flaws do I need and can you buy them from a merchant, fantasy Costco, fastasy Amazon, Ebay… maybe Craigslist! Well… you can have as […]

Episode One Part Two – Where in the Sewer are WE!

Where in the Sewer are WE! Episode One Part Two… Charm Person… Follow the light… Rat Whisper… Debt Collectors!!!??!! Watch Coming this Saturday – Episode One Part Two – Where in the Sewer are WE! from johnfatheryulerakestraw on Here’s the Coming Attractions… this Coming Attractions ‘Premieres’ Wednesday, April 11th at 12 noon. What’s Premiering […]

Back to What Got Me into Acting all those Years Ago, DnD & Storytelling

Back to what got me into acting all the years ago… DnD, storytelling… Here I go… I’m going back to the dragons, adventurers, monsters, NPCs, gold, treasures, magic and dungeons of fun and fantasties. I feel better among all that then the craziness of this new reality we call the modern world. Come joins us […]