Talk to Santa Face to Face Online

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Talk to Santa Face to Face Online You schedule a chat with Santa John and your kids can then began their video conference with Santa at the scheduled time. No more long lines at the mall.

Talk to Santa Face to Face Online

One of the best things about Talk to Santa Face to Face Online, is that you most likely have Skype or Google’s Hangout On Air on your computer or the app download for your Smartphone, tablet. They all run easily through your internet browser and your kids can talk to Santa from their own home.

Although these calls aren’t free, seeing your child’s face light up as they come face to face with Santa is priceless. For a live conference call the cost is $21.99 during December for a 5 minute call. Price can vary depending on how long the call is, how many people on the call and the date you want the LIVE Video Chat to happen.

If your schedule is to tight for a Video Chat with Santa live, we do offer a personalized video from Santa Claus for $19.95.

The holidays are hectic, out of control at times… why not stop and just have a LIVE Video Chat with the Jolly Old Elf himself. Sign up early to get your time slot!

Happy Holidays and may your Christmas be merry,

Father Yule John Rakestraw *<|;-}])>

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