Team Building with Murder Mystery Events

Team Building… there are many brilliant reasons a murder mystery works well as a team building exercise.

Team Building

We would love to help you plan a murderous night, tailored to the unique interests of you and your party guests. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner party for four or an entire murder mystery weekend for hundreds, we can help make your killer party the perfect murder mystery event.

Hosting A Murder
Planning your murder mystery party
Fund Raising And Murder Mystery Events… they can work together!
More mysteries to choose from!
Team Building Mystery Fun!

I would love to have a KILLER time with you and your group.

Here’s a few:

  • POWER OF PLAY – Mysteries have the ability to inspire. To engage. To foster positive, authentic connections and build bonds that last long after murder mystery event is over. The big plus is the “POWER OF PLAY.”
  • ENGAGEMENT – A healthy and successful company needs employee engagement. It’s important to understand and encourage what you, your employees and managers need to become and stay engaged at work. Remember, there’s always room for improvement!
  • ICE BREAKER ACTIVITIES – (such as a Murder Mystery Event) are a great way for new employees, the long term employees and teams from different departments, to get to know each other. As they discover similar interests and unique talents, they’ll build relationships that get carried back to the office.


Here’s a few reason that team building has lost it shine:

  • How many times have you slipped lower in your chair when “team building” is mentioned?
  • We know how much people hate role playing, contact activities such as paint balling (they actually hurt like hell when you get shot by one.)
  • That old tried and true “boring” team building activities that involve pens, sharpies, Huge pad of paper, even whitebroads & dry erace pens and “LISTS!”… those damn “LISTS.”

How much money do you have put aside for “team building”? Murder mystery games are cost effective resources. They are great fun and still NEW to many people on the team building arena and so are not “outmoded”; remaining interesting and exciting for all taking part.

Taking part in a mystery, your staff will begin working as part of a team, assume roles, assign tasks and achieve many of the goals you have in mind as a facilitator, without even realising what they are doing! And for a change they will even enjoy the debriefing sessions!

The mystery can be run as a stand alone activity, or used throughout a weekend.

Mysteries come in many different formats and there are many different games available.

If you need something specific then get ahold of Master Detective John Rakestraw. I even write the mystery just for your group.

The biggest mystery shouldn’t be how to make team building work… it needs to be proactive, engaging and a killer time to boot.

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