Teambuilding… Go Team! Find Santa Claus

Teambuilding Interactive Party Events!


Can your group or company help to find the Jolly Old Elf off season? Are you looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate the holiday season or have that holiday party. Can you help Father Yule’s trusty Elves and at the same time build better engagement and communication with each other?

This a great way and a fun way to give your corporate team a last ditch attempt to save Christmas for the next year before it’s too late?

It’ll be Christmas time again before you know it. There will be Christmas lights brightening up the city shopping streets, the sound of carolers singing will fill the air and the city will be buzzing with excitement and anticipation. But media outlet all over the world and the internet are breaking really big news… “Father Yule is Missing” is trending on Twitter. North Pole News Net and websites has crashing as adults and children all over the world clamber to find out exactly what is going on.

Is Father Yule really missing?

He is!

He’s been missing for 5 days now. Where could he be?

It’s the perfect time to get your whole team together for this interactive and engaging teambuilding event. Find clues, answer riddles and questions and ultimately try to find poor Father Yule, who might have been kidnapped.

Team or teams will start off with the brilliant tasked to solve this Christmas mystery, their missions… answer questions about your company or products. The team with the sharpest wit, quickest reactions and best teamwork will find themselves on Father Yule “NICE” list and collect their prize (which you’ll provide) and return Father Yule to the North Pole. A fantastic Christmas or anytime of the year Corporate Event.


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