There’s Murder In them Thar Golden Eyes

Murder Mystery Party Fun…

Murder Mystery Party Fun

You’ve heard of the Old Dutchman Mine. The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine (also known by similar names) is, according to legend, a rich gold mine hidden in the southwestern United States.

In 1901, the residents of the small town of Last Resort near nowhere any sane person would live, have assembled to honor prospector and gold mine owner Dutch.​ Good old … or I should say, ornery as a mule, Dutch. He had arrived in town ten years before, flat broke with only himself and his Mule “Golden Eyes” and they relying upon the generosity of local residents to help them get by. He was never one to be your best friend… why would they get together to honor such an ornery cus?

Murder Mystery Party Fun

He paid for the party!

Dutch by luck or something else struck gold and became the sole owner of the (his little joke) -The Lost Dutchman Mine. He lorded his riches over that little town. Dutch got the key citizens of Last Resort to agreed to honor him. Each one rose to say a few words about Dutch and his great contributions to the community.

gold Fever

Murder Mystery Party Fun…

Then, it was Dutch’s turn. After speaking his mind, Dutch put a glass to the air and drank to his good health and wish the rest… to rest in hell. He stood there laughing and point at all the party guest and started to cough… he couldn’t catch a breath and a few minutes later Dutch slumped over in his chair. He was dead.

The marshal took charge of the investigation and suspects were interrogated. Was Dutch murder? If so… who killed Dutch? They all had reasons to. He had no friends.

And would the secrets of his mysterious mine ever be uncovered? It would take a slew of deputies to get to the truth of this Murder Mystery Party Fun.

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