Today is #MailOrderCatalogDay

Today is #MailOrderCatalogDay…


We in the USA have a fine tradition of using calalogs to order many wonderful things. Sears was one of the biggest catalogs in the world for a huge time. You could even order a house from them. In 1919, the Standard Oil Company, needing homes for the miners in its new Carlinville mine, ordered the entire town from Sears. the Musical “The Music Man” has the song about the Wells Fargo Wagon comin’ with somin’ for me… that somin’ was a mail order item from a catalog.

Even today we still do mail order… only we use the internet mostly, like Amazon, ebay, etsy and the like. But that is all still mail order.

So celebrate today by buying something through mail order… if you can’t think of where to get a brilliant product from?… there’s always my mail order catalog for you, Thirty-one Gifts.


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