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Celebrating Your Love Story…

Love is the best of all feelings, senses, and emontions. Love is growth. Love is everything!

I honor life’s events… they all have deep meaning and deserve our sincere understanding and profound study. I work hard and find great delight in creating a authentical experience to celebrate life.

In this modern world traditions are pushed aside to make life run faster, fit the 24/7 rush we call living. But, there needs to be a time when we stop and grab for a deeper sense of the whole. Where a collaborative union of like minded souls can once again discover the words, music, symbols, traditions which resonate with us as a community. Customs center us around a older sense of beliefs and comfort us in times of lost, beginnings, and great movements. Sharing these traditions make us a community, a family, a whole person.

Join me in making your event a ceremony of your love, your shared memories that reflect your beautiful understandings. It’s your unique event… you own it in you brilliant soul.

We all have a love story… lets work together to tell your’s.



Fast and to the point weddings. I still work to make your special event a once in a lifetime dream. You deserve the wedding you want, and I hope to make it as special as you are.

$75, plus mileage. (Contact John for availability and exact rates.)

Wedding Packages

Please keep in mind that there’s a huge difference between simply show up for your ceremony and saying, “do you marry her, do you marry him, you are married!” My wedding packages are the full deal. You get as much or as little help as you want. It’s your wedding. You should have the marriage rites that you want and need.

Wedding Engagements

Before the big day, before the feast, before it all… there needs to be a beginning. A promise of life long love and hope for a future. Wedding engagements are a gift all wrapped up and waiting for the perfect moment. Take that moment and make it perfect. Celebrate it with your true love or share the moment with a group who wish you all the happiness that two people joined together can fathom.

$100, plus mileage. (Contact John for availability and exact fee.)

Traditional Weddings

You are getting a trained life coach, whose fee can also include vital pre-marital coaching. I will take the time to get to know you both, and work with you closely to make this the special day it should be. I do charge for my time, advice, working out your personal wedding vows. For this, I typically spend 2-12 hours with the couple working out their dream wedding. I can be there for your rehearsal, working with the venue, your wedding coordinator, we all want to tailor-make a very personal wedding for you.

$200 to $1000, plus mileage. (Contact John for availability and exact fee.)


A wedding anniversary is the celebration of two people and their love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order may vary for from year to year, but their love never weakens nor finds fault in their stars. I love to celebrate an enduring testament to the power of undying passion and friendship.

$200, plus mileage. (Contact John for availability and exact rates.)

I’ll happily help you tie the knot as a Wedding Officiant through gigsalad