What Is The Best Murder mystery Party For You?

What Is The Best Murder mystery Party For You?What Is The Best Murder mystery Party For You?

What is the best murder mystery party for you and who is the best detective to run your KILLER PARTY?

So you want to host a murder mystery dinner party. But which one is best for you?

Choosing a murder mystery might seem simple – you just pick one that sounds fun, right? – but the truth is there’s a little more to it than that. Some are easy to play out of the box while others require a little more effort. Some work better if your guests mingle, others are designed to be played around the dinner table. Some are serious, some are silly, and others are KILLERS TO DO!

Knowing what you want from your murder mystery game is the easiest way to ensure an enjoyable evening. So before you click off to buy the game with the nicest cover/silliest character names, take a look at this link to see which kit would suit you best.

Are you hosting a murder mystery party for the first time… go for one of our Murder Mystery Kits, they have everything you need included and they’re really easy to play or hire Master Detective John Rakestraw to run your event. Master Detective takes all the mystery out of running the event and leaves the killing to the game! (This is a clue to who’s the best detective.)

You’re not sure how many guests you’ll have… don’t worry, our Murder Mystery Events can work with any size crowd, ages, and personalities.

You want to dress up and have a good laugh… our mysteries are full of humor, red herrings, and spice. You’re sure to have a giggle and fun with all the cosplay that can be had for a Murder Mystery Event.

You want a game that’s just for the ladies…just a fun ladies’ night in, our ALL-FEMALE GAMES are completely testosterone free.

You need to entertain a large group… 30 Clues to a Killer event would be ideal. You just need 4 or more people to roleplay as the suspects, and an audience of any size to guess whodunit. You can also do the same in your living room or at the dining room table if you like.

You want a game that’s suitable for teens or that won’t offend the vicar… go for one of our more FAMILY FRIENDLY games for inter-generational fun or try YOUNG ADULT EDITIONS specifically made for teenage parties.

You’ve hosted a murder mystery before and you want something a bit different… try our Murder Mystery Clue Card Event where you will find envelopes containing clue cards of the possible suspects, locations, and murder weapons that were involved in the murder and cards with fun activities and mini games that will help or hinder you finding the true murderer!

You need a game in a hurry or at a quick price of $40 to $100… order a Murder Mystery Kit to DOWNLOAD and you can start printing the game files within minutes or hire Master Detective to run the Mystery Event for you – that starts at $500 and goes up from there. This option takes all the worries out of running the Murder Mystery and keeps the blood off your hands!

Click to view Mardi Gras… Masked for Murder: Let the deadly times roll! or any of the 25+ Mystery Kits we have available.

And finally, if you don’t know what you want – drop us a note at Contact Us or call us at 541-606-4763 and we’ll work together to find you the murderous mystery you need.

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