What’s Better Than Solving a Mystery? Being PART of the Mystery!

What’s Better Than Solving a Mystery? Being PART of the Mystery! Become a suspect IN a murder mystery event… you can even host the murder yourself! Passion, deceit, revenge, murder… Murder is for sale, this is not your average dinner party! Everyone’s a detective… Lets have a murderous time!

What's better than solving a mystery

It will be custom written with your brilliant ideas thrown or choose from an intriguing list of stories for your Mystery Event!

Relax and have fun.

Master Detective (John Rakestraw) will bring the Mystery and help make sure you have a killer time–facilitating the game by keeping track of party timing, clues, and characters, and making sure everyone is having a brilliant time. Every Mystery Event is created for you… it’s a unique mystery just for you and your guests. Your own brilliant murderous party that you can have fun playing.

You will find envelopes containing clue cards of the possible suspects, locations, and murder weapons that were involved in the murder. There are also more of these clue cards with fun activities and red herrings that will help or hinder you finding the true murderer!

Through your investigating genius, you will use the game clue cards that will allow you to interact with other players in different ways. These cards might permit you to see what clues they have and eliminate suspects, murder weapons, and where the murder took place… the room! Each clue card has its own set of rules as described on the card. You may end up with the right clue card from an ALLIANCE card or ELF LAW card to stop all the shady deals. You never know what kind of clue cards you’ll find in the envelopes—but use these cards wisely and you may be the first to discover the solution and solve the murder

All mysteries are written for your group and theme. I will be glad to send you more info on all the fun options and stories. Any number of guest participants can be involved by creating character teams. This makes it a great activity for a corporate Team Building event. No acting necessary, but you are invited to get into the part… it’s fun to have a killer time in the Mystery.

Master Detective John Rakestraw

We would love to help you plan a murderous night, tailored to the unique interests of you and your party guests. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner party for four or an entire murder mystery weekend for hundreds, we can help make your killer party the perfect murder mystery event.

Hosting A Murder
Team Building Mystery Fun!
Planning your murder mystery party
Fund Raising And Murder Mystery Events… they can work together!
More mysteries to choose from!

Hosting a murder event shouldn’t be part of the mystery… as you can see there’s a whole lot of stuff to murderous night of fun. Click here it making your party a killer!

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