What’s Better Than Solving a Mystery? Being PART of the Mystery!

What’s Better Than Solving a Mystery? Being PART of the Mystery! Become a suspect IN a murder mystery event… you can even host the murder yourself! Passion, deceit, revenge, murder… Murder is for sale, this is not your average dinner party! Everyone’s a suspect and a detectives in our Mystery Event. 30 clues to the killer… Lets have a murderous time!

What's better than solving a mystery

It will be custom written with your brilliant ideas thrown or choose from an intriguing list of stories for your Mystery Event!

Relax and have fun.

Master Detective (John Rakestraw) will bring the Mystery and help make sure you have a killer time–facilitating the game by keeping track of party timing, clues, and characters, and making sure everyone is having a brilliant time. Remember… one of you is the killer (you don’t know who, it could even be you)! Eveyone plays a detective. Trust no one, consider everyone a suspect, and watch your back while asking thorough questions.

The game begins with a dramatic introduction to the story by your host (which can be you or me). You are given clues from which they must figure out WHO did the crime, HOW they did it and WHY! The culprit is amongst you so watch out for them trying to escape…. and beware of the poison clue! Click HERE for more info about how it works.

“The normal way one of our murder mystery events work is there are four or more suspects (you pick 4 or more people from your group who you believe would be great at roleplaying/acting the part of a possible killer. You can have one person play these parts, or two, or a whole group… even choose the table they’re sitting at for the suspect). The rest of the guests will be detectives (they can even come dressed as their favorite fictional detectives if they want). I play the main detective, Master Detective John Rakestraw, who keeps the mystery party running smoothly and on point.”

Suspects will be assigned a characters ahead of event date… the hope is they come dressed for the Murder Mystery.

All mysteries are written for your group and theme. I will be glad to send you more info on all the fun options and stories. Any number of guest participants can be involved by creating character teams. This makes it a great activity for a corporate Team Building event. No acting necessary, but you are invited to get into the part… it’s fun to have a killer time in the Mystery.

MYSTERY by MAIL or E-mail
Save $$$ by hosting it yourself. You still have the option to have your own custom-written mystery too! CONTACT me to request info on how to do so. Pricing starts at $150 for the Mystery box.

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