What’s Your Passion?

I try to remember to ask people, “What’s your passion?”

We all are taught to ask, “What do you do?” Mostly so that we can judge them, put them in a certain box and know if we’re better or worst off then them.

I joke and say I ask kids, “What do they want to do when you grow up?” I say I’m asking because I’m still looked for a better job. It could be true. :-}]>

What's Your Passion?

But asking someone what their passion is can open up a new door… your not judging them anymore, you’re looking into their eyes and even their souls and wanting to know what really makes them get up in morning… what make them tick?

We as a society ask 15 to 20 years to make a decision what a 40 year should be doing as their life’s work. That not fair to the younger you or that 40 to 60 year old you. Make the decisions for the “YOU,” you are right now. Forgive the younger you for the past bad one’s and pat yourself on the back for the good one’s you made.

It’s okay to reinvent yourself… to find a new or reignite an old passion. Make 2017 the year you forgive that 17 year old for the wrong decision or thank that upstart for the cool life it picked.

Either way, find your passion and run with it…

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