White Box of Dungeons and Dragons

It was 1976 at Christmas and my mom and dad got me the white box of Dungeons and Dragons…

White Box of Dungeons and Dragons

I hadn’t even heard of the game before. My older brother sat there waiting for me to open that gift, he was 10 years older then me. I was 14 and he was 24 and both our worlds were going to change.Table top gaming and storytelling would rule my world for the next 4 years until a met a girl and found theatre. Up tell that moment DnD was my weekend thing. My first time job… the money from that was buying the newest DnD stuff. I fell in love with Dungeons & Dragons, and the storytelling of it, the brilliant weird dice, and the fact that it didn’t use a game board… most of it was in your head.

I loved those pouches of dice we Dungeon Masters had around us… loved the sound of them rolling acoss the table top, I still do. I loved choosing what I was going to be: Fighter, Magic User, Dwarf, Thief the choices were brilliant.

The world would never be the same…

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