Wizard Father Yule for Hire

Wizard Father Yule…

Wizard Father Yule

The Brilliant Wizard and Potions Master Father Yule is setting up shop and readying himself for parties in Oregon. He brings magic, fun and his pet baby Hippogriff (White Feathers.) Starting in March 2017… the full look for the Wizard starts in March… I have to train the baby Hippogriff to stay on my shoulder and not bite my fingers off.

This Wizard happens to be a Potions Master… he has great magic to share with children and adults alike. He gives you the night sky in a jar…

Wizard Father Yule

Galaxies that run through your fingers…

Wizard Father Yule

Snow that sparkles and never melts…

Wizard Father Yule - Magic Snow

Marshmallow Monster Dudes (made with a pretzel stick that is pushed into a marshmallow, which is decorated with colored frosting. It’s a fun treat to make and eat.)

Wizard Father Yule - Marshmallow Monster Dude
Marshmallow Monster Dudes

Plus I have a pet baby Hippogriff.

Wizard Father Yule - Hippogriff

You could book me and my pet Hippogriff for your Child’s or Adult’s party through Gigsalad.